April 2023.

You left after me after an ill-advised couple of pints in Pelican (ex-Beatnikz), Squawk’s new bar in the heart of Mancunia.

100 yards away Matt and James were dropping a bag off at Matt’s flat and asked me where we should eat.

Why do I still get to decide ? At least the boys aren’t fussy eaters.

I picked Yadgar as someone on the blog had told me I should, but it was unexpectedly closed (bloomin’ micros), as were all the curry cafes. Possibly Ramadan ? Anyhow, Manchester looked unusually empty early doors on a Wednesday night.

But, of course, still lovely.

So we ended up here,

Matt deciding he fancies some proper English stodge after a day on his feet cutting student (and Dad) hair.

Now, this was a third (3rd) visit to Abel Heywood in 5 months, and I can’t say I’d been blown away by Hyde’s flagship,

but tonight the staff excelled (as always), the Lowry was the best since the Jolly Angler (RIP), and a bloke at the bar told me that only criminals paid with cash as he got his £20 note out.

“Music so naff it’s good” said Matt, wise beyond his years.

We shared a “Proper Pie for Two” with a gravy* boat you could have swum in and I thought it was the best pub grub I’ve had in Manchester outside Marble Arch.

But to be fair I’ve never eaten in the Wetherspoons at Piccadilly Gardens.

*58 years old and I can’t make my own gravy.

14 thoughts on “GRAVY BOAT, ABEL HEYWOOD

  1. We stayed there for five nights and developed a very good feeling towards the Abel Heywood. I do think it grows on you. As you say, the staff is outstanding.

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  2. Seems that Proper Pies are perhaps making a comeback:

    Sold out where we were yesterday, and deservedly so.

    So guess the pub?


    1. They agree with you, John ! It entered the Good Beer Guide last year. Of course, the GBG should be all about consistent beer quality rather than “good pubs” but the two after often compatible. Mrs RM liked it last month.

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