April 2023.

Wednesday nights are Manchester nights. Except this week; I’m letting Matt have my season ticket for the City v Arsenal game, too scared to go to games these days.

11 days ago I’d popped in to Helvete for an overdue cut (pics of haircut for Patronised readers only) after that Hyde hop.

While James had his cut, I nipped back to Piccadillyfor what I guess might be a pre-emptive tick, IF I was still bothered about the GBG. It’s Matt’s closest pub too, so let’s hope it’s good. That cafe on the left is a cracker; try the Turkish eggs.

Not long after I was moaning about Beatnikz Republic closing early, it closed permanently (sadly), but here comes Squawk Brewery to take its place as Pelican.

Now, it’s no Hare & Hounds, I’ll say that. Closer in feel to the Manchester Industrial Estate Taps, but I can live with that.

Nice enough seating, as long as you grab the bench,

quirky literal toilet labelling that dispenses with gender completely,

and some frankly excellent cask )cool, crisp, 3.5) below £4. In Manchester that is, not Sheffield.

Pavo is their cask flagship, but everyone seems to be paying the extra quid or two for the keg. Take my advice, I have no idea what I’m talking about, and pour your crafty keg Crex into the suds of your dimple mug.

I’m fairly sure that’s real ale, whatever CAMRA said this weekend (I left after the first session to go to the pub).

Right, time to meet the lads for a Manc curry. Wish it would stop raining.

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