6th January 2023.

The new Good Beer Guide is packed with surprises, not least three (3) new entries for Prestwich. There’s the usual smattering (?) of newbies in East Manchester this year, and after an overdue haircut at Matt’s place I made an emotional return after seven years to marvellous Mossley.

Matt’s bijou salon is mere yards from the North Taproom that had opened that week. This creeping takeover of Manchester by Leeds is deeply concerning but I suspect out weak government has no laws to stop it. I’ll actually go in North this week, but for now I’ll point out the fixed seating in the courtyard outside, a great feature.

I was going to do a proper walk in Mossley but frankly by the time you’ve walked the four floors to Helvete you’ve done your 10,000 steps.

So it was a flying visit to the Gillery, yards from the station.

Looks like an old bank” I thought, walking to the door.

Inside, it’s a bit quirky cafe-cum-pub, and I like it a lot, particularly the seating and the art.

No other customers, sadly, but I get a great welcome from a lady who’s busy tidying, and pours “the first Millstone of the day” into a Doom Bar glass, a tasty start to the day.

And then we chat, mostly about how nice Mossley is compared to posh Delph and edgy Greenfield, and the vagaries of custom, and how confusing that sign on the WC below Rik is.

Less-a-bled ?” what’s that, I ask, stupidly.

Anyway, it was her birthday, hope she had a good day not ruined by talking to blokes like me rambling on, asking stupid questions about toilets and wondering why the pub looks like a bank.


  1. I think someone said on here the other week that the Britannia in Mossley, once notorious for its cranky landlord and his innumerable, often impenetrable, pub rules, has a new licensee and is also back in the GBG now.


    1. The nutty landlord must be haunting the Brit as it is usually deserted now. I’m not sure there is a GBG in hell/heaven where it’s difficult to keep beer at the right temperature.

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