I had the great pleasure of meeting Jeff Bell, one of our finest publicans, in the Piccadilly Tap, while enjoying their excellent Boggart Rum Porter.

Jeff complained about the Manchester weather, which rather amused me, as I always seem to get glorious sunshine when I venture up from the grey, flat South. This is my view from Mossley at lunchtime yesterday.

Mossley is a 20 minute train ride from Victoria, and a walk in Saddleworth was too tempting to resist, particularly with the Fleece a new Beer Guide pub to try.

I’ve always liked Mossley; Delph and Uppermill are much too posh for Mrs RM and me as a retirement option, but Mossley is, as they say, “mixed”, as close to Stalybridge in feel as to middle class Saddleworth.

It was too icy to do much of a walk, but the views from upper town were stunning. There’s some great pubs in Bottom Mossley (Britannia particularly) but I would have needed a sled to get there.

The Fleece is a pub I must have passed a dozen times, so it’s arrival in the Beer Guide is overdue.  It kept up the high standards of Mossley pubs.

Some Thwaites touches, but an interesting beer range including a dark Stockport beer (NBSS 3) which was enjoyed in a homely but cluttered public.


The pub had a lot of clutter, similar to a typical Notts/Derby mining village pub, but I think this was a post- Christmas issue. I loved it, though Mrs RM may have had some reservations.

A great day (football irrelevant) was rounded off with a sublime chips and curry at the best chinese takeaway in Manchester.


2 thoughts on “SADDLEWORTH

  1. I’m not sure I know Mossley, Martin, although I do remember Delph and Uppermill. Some nice views of the snow-covered moors on your photos, though.

    It’s ages since I had chips and curry, but the sauce looks a bit dark to me. I don’t know the pub which Jeff Bell is minding, but looking at the Tap’s website, it’s obviously a recent addition to the local pub scene.


  2. There have been around half a dozen days without rain and precisely four with bright sunshine since I arrived in Manchester over two months ago. Everyone keeps saying it’s pure bad luck, and of course it is winter. Good to meet you too!


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