22nd March 2023. Manchester.

While Matt and James were sober at Society, I headed across Oxford Road to YES, one of Manchester’s seemingly endless food court-cum-bars-cum music venues.

It’s next to the Lass O’ Gowrie, which you’ve probably heard of.

Oldest pisser (top), one of the strongest beers once, now a rare Greene King GBG entry.

Perhaps I’ll visit after my gig. YES offers a choice of (keg, obvs,) Amstel, Seven Brothers, Five Points and Brixton, which sounds very dull to me in 2023.

But as a gig venue, it’s the usual high quality Manchester night out. Lovely security, a touch of humour, and superb sound for soulful Albert Gold.

With an irritating half hour before the main show, I did nip to the Lass, and even bagged a seat near the open mic stage.

Brightside (again) here, a beer I always confuse with Brewsmith and I challenge you to tell them apart. Cool and rich and GBG standard (NBSS 3+), but more than that a very unfussy traditional pub in the heart of studentland.

Top (inside) loos too.

And then back to catch Anna B Savage, and show you why I leave gig reviews to Chris Dyson.

My star of End of the Road 2021, and creator of my favourite album that year, the new record is scarcely less beautiful and terrifying as this clip shows;

and we get that rare combination of perfect band, sound and audience that makes live music such an essential point of life.

Sadly, while I can cope with 45 minutes, after an hour my knees give way, and I also remember that James needs to drive me home to bed, and I miss that song, and “One”.

I make James drive home via the motorways, and stop at Hartshead Services for a Yorkie. The chocolate bar, not an actual one.


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