The train from Liverpool to Manchester was a joy. No Liverpool fans, no hen parties, and plenty of seats. I never knew you could get from Liverpool to Ely direct. Scary to think I was only one train journey away from BRAPA.

Free entertainment came from a chap having a meltdown with his other half on the phone. “I’m NOT dumping you’se. I’m SORRY mate. I’m NOT using it as an excuse !!!“. I wanted to find out what excuse he was using, but he got out at Warrington Central, disappointingly.

Arriving at Oxford Road, my favourite Manchester station, I realised I had nearly two hours before our late kick-off and wondered what on earth I could do with myself.

What a fine idea. Matt had been to the Lass O’ Gowrie the other week, really liking its Proper Pubbiness (noun), and I’d been able to explain this was a famous Manc pub even though I had no idea why.

Something to do with an unfeasibly strong beer brewed for students ?

Anyhow, it’s a corker, unless you don’t like Oasis (and I detest “Wonderwall”).

A long narrow room leads from the bar, with cosy rooms leading off to the side acting as private drinking rooms. Cosy and cheery, but unfussy. A student pub, but plenty of Old Boys and City fans on the cask too.

A nice short beer choice; I had the Funky Monkey from That Frome, reminding me I was missing out on my trip to Somerset that weekend to a bit of wind (which hardly touched S6).

Lovely cask too; cool, crisp and clean. Crisp and clean beer is what Manchester does better than almost anywhere (NBSS 3.5).

Slag Greene King off for their dishwater of an IPA if you like, but they run some really good pubs which appeal to more than just students or CAMRAs.

They appeal to the loo aficionado too, both inside,

and out (top). But I don’t recommend peeing in the Medlock.


  1. I haven’t been for a few years, but when I did I was occasionally persuaded to go out on the wooden terracing that extends from the side of the pub above the River Medlock, which iirr was opened by Johnny Vegas. I never felt quite at ease drinking there with the water rushing under my feet below, and visible through what always seemed to be fairly wide spaced slats.

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