“We never win at home and we never win away…”

Still 90 minutes till the late kick-off at the Etihad; the weather in Manchester had improved since I’d arrived (funny that) as I left the Lass O’ Gowrie for student-land.

There are approximately 37,577 different routes to take to get to the Etihad, and I chose the one that went past the famous Vimto statue. Just for you.

Unfortunately, this route south of Piccadilly also takes you past the Cloudwater Tap.

Oh, go on then, it’s been too long. Don’t worry if you can’t read the daily beer list, it really doesn’t matter. I had the Goodnight Yeast on cask; I don’t think anyone else was drinking the cask so I followed that up (inadvisedly) with some DIPA, which was great.

The upstairs bar seemed different from my 2018 visit. I think the plants on the tables have gone.

Oh, and they had artisan pizzas from Rise.

Had I already eaten ? I couldn’t remember.

Blimey, this Nduja pizza was the best thing I’d ever eaten, possibly. And if my Mother-in-law is reading this her Sunday roast is 2nd.

Don’t ask me what the fluffy stuff on top is, I’m not Italian.

20 minutes walk to the ground. This is the point at which the South Standers deposit their cans on a metal object built for that purpose; it’s just before the half-and-half scarves.

We never win at home and we never win away, we lost last week and we’ll lose today. I don’t give a f*** cos I’m all p****d up. MCFC OK” we sing, without irony.

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