I wondered what would happen to my readership if I stopped publishing new content during my 4 day music festival on the Dorset/Hants/Wiltshire border.

Pleasingly, still a few people visiting hoping for pics of Old Boys drinking 6X through a straw in Shaftesbury.

We’ll have to hope Mrs RM took THOSE photos as she tours the area from her luxury Salisbury B & B base while I’m confined to unwashed festival life with Baa Baa Toure for company.

Baa Baa has helped me put up my tent and portable chair and reminded me of my commitment to take 4 days off beer as I prepare for Guide ticking ordeals ahead.

Bar a couple at the very start, to celebrate erecting my 2 second tent in less than 2 hours (just), I’ve stuck to water and Flat Black throughout.

To be honest, it’s been easier to skip the beer than in 2019 when End of the Road went fully craft, Vibrant Forest, Electric Bear, the works.

This year they’ve binned off Beavertown, to the dismay of us folk who like Big Corporate beer and love Lupoloid watching Americana in the Garden.

Instead, we get Two Tribes (no, me neither) from Kings Cross and a selection of 30 odd identical tasting homebrew*.

Festival goers, either 21 year old Exeter Graduates called Hugh or 62 year old blokes called John, have revolted, and all I see being drunk is Punk. And 1664.

You can take as many cans as you like in, 132 is the norm. Shaftesbury Tesco is busier than Christmas Eve but STILL can’t shift those cans of Badger Best.

Just as well the music is so good this year. Even without those confessional Americans I go for.

Full reviews of ALL the music to come later. Unless you ask nicely.

*joking. They’re all great. Especially Frome.


  1. “Two Tribes (me neither)” ? Thought that name rang a bell. I ventured to Two Tribes brewery in Kings Cross back in 2018 to see superb Austin, Texas singer/guitarist Jackie Venson’s UK debut. Beer was good, music was better. The support was Laky, anagram of Kyla, daughter of Cheryl “Bucks Fizz” Baker…

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      1. Hi martin, seeing him in birmingham on wednesday at hare & hounds. He has a good album out knuckleball prime. Did he play “traded my guitar” ?


  2. Glad to learn that you managed to see and experience some live music, Martin. I’m sure that the rest from what seems like non-stop blogging, will have done you good too, and given you the chance to re-charge your batteries.

    The same applies to GBG ticks, although after all that galivanting here, there, and everywhere, it must have seemed strange staying in the same place for four days on the trot!

    My days of crawling in and out of a small tent like that, are long gone, but then you’re probably 10 years younger than me. I’d be up for a spot of glamping though!

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      1. I pinged, but no reply. Has Christine changed your email address again?

        The long and the short of it is, I am otherwise engaged tomorrow, which is a shame, but I will be switching to part-time working, from 4th October, so will have Fridays and Mondays free.

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      2. Ha ! You guessed it. New email. I’m not supposed to give it out, apparently, or I’ll get bombarded with requests for my Bass beer mat or something.

        It’s always tricky making plans when I’m trapped at the in-laws!


  3. * “Joking” – just as well – Guy Ritchie was probably on his way round to your place to re-assure you of the quality of his beers (before he saw the above asterisk!).

    Downton is a fine little microbrewery – great beers.

    Have you been to the Dusty Barrel micropub in that mecca for micropubs – Hythe (Hampshire not Kent).

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    1. Oh it’s his, is it ? I always say the beer that leaves the brewery is virtually always good*, it’s the pub that ruins it. Or the beer festival that doesn’t store it long enough or uses plastic glasses.

      *Does not apply to Donnington

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      1. Definitely agree, and yes – produces beer as well as films now …
        ….’Lock, Stock and Two Smoking (Beer) Barrels’


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