3rd February 2023.

Mrs RM was still hungry after her Sheffield Bao Bun, so we popped in the Wellington for a beer.

Oh no, the strong one.

Now, the Welly is probably the least likely place in Sheffield for a gourmet tea, but the new menu seemed pretty much perfect.

Can that really be a quid ? It was, and one cheese and onion cob/bap/roll/insert own geographical variant served two.

And finally, in the left hand bar, the Welly made perfect sense to Mrs RM.

To some, these things come later than others.

8 thoughts on “COBS, BAPS, BREAD ROLLS etc etc

    1. Aye, indeed, Bill.

      Beef dripping – very much bendigedig, lard, er, well, I’m not so sure either.

      Martin, re James and the Wellington, my middle ‘un spent a year twenty paces from the Bricklayer’s in Leicester and never went in that either. He also previously lived in its Little Ankara, and when I asked him whether there was anywhere good to eat replied “Well, there’s a Greggs”…

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      1. The Blake and the Wellington passed over in favour of pubs serving interesting food (and pie and chips at the Fat Cat), which probably tells you a bit about how young people pick pubs these days (if at all).


    1. It’s interesting how Mrs RM understood the appeal of the Wellington in the left hand bar, rather than the right hand one where we’d been before. I’ll get Will to explain it, with diagrams.


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