Well, there you go.

I may not, in the spirit of an OJ SimpsonIF I did it” reveal, be attempting the GBG23, but I’m certainly keeping the spreadsheet going to keep you guessing.

What does this lovely black and white document tell you (25 marks, show workings) ?

Well, with 90 ticks so far (you added those up in your head) and 365 to do it means I went from having zero pubs to do to a starting gap of 455.

Which is quite a lot of churn. As Duncan wrote earlier*, there’s quite a lot of re-entries (pubs last in the Guide when Ruddles was cutting edge) as well as the usual host of new micros, brewery taps only open weekends and British Legion clubs.

Which brings us to Parwich, where I’ll be heading next on the blog to beautifully put Derbyshire to bed.

*Duncan started the year only needing 365 compared to my 455, which either means he’s very old and ticked some of these pubs before I started visiting pubs and/or he did a lot more speculative pre-emptive ticking than me last year.


  1. We are a soon to open a wee micro pub. Hoping to make that Northern Ireland line 13 rather than 12

    Opening Times not as stated, so they are.


  2. Good progress. Regrettably, the former is the case- lots of pubs previously visited many years ago that have popped back in. I have only been to fewer new ones than you in the current edition but will emerge in the spring renewed.

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    1. I haven’t done an analysis of my own 455, but would be interesting to do a full breakdown showing how many have started in last 5 years v re-entries.

      What I will say is that very, very few of the 90 visited don’t deserve a place on beer quality grounds.

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  3. Once ma sister closes her beauticians we will be on site to do ye conversion. Should be up and running for GBG 2024 once we see the man at Camra. Lots of Guinness to punt to ya all. Remember the name Back, Sack and Craic

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  4. Not doing any of that old fuss. Just cash here. We pay the subs to the Camraman and get the listing. Then sell the black gold to you punters. We also do soda farls with the Ulster Fry. No cobs here

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    1. The Angel in LA ( as we call it in Bristawl) is a nice pub, albeit a bit pricey from memory. Surprised it’s made the GBG, given it sells beers you’ve heard of, including Draught Bass.


  5. Must be a proper nerd cos I LOVE blogs like this. I lost 315 from 2464 last year so am thinking I just don’t have the ‘base’ of old pubs getting back in like you n Duncan do. Sometimes feels like BRAPA is built on very dodgy foundations !


    1. 315 sounds a lot. I think there must be the best part of a hundred ancient re-entries. It pays to be ancient as a pub ticker, Simon.

      Just looking at Lancs, most of the new entries there are micros and the like. I blame Matthew Lawrenson.


      1. Preston is exhausting isn’t it? Can’t even find the motivation to go back after 5,000 trips to see Mr Lawro last year! Yes, when I retire, watch my numbers soar.


      2. I’ve booked a Travelodge in Preston to do that and Greater Blackpool tonight. Still deciding whether I cancel or go. All the pubs sound the same, don’t they ? I know I’ll only end up drinking Plum Porter in the Black Horse.


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