“Hello Steven, This Is Clem Fandango, Can You Hear Me ?”

11th January 2023.

Waiting in Gosport for the Fallen Acorn to open, I nipped in the Spoons to record for posterity the price of a pint of craft in January 2023. Stowford Press seems to be your best bet.

While the Star was ticking over, the pedestrianised High Street wasn’t a picture of health.

Even the sign for the Faller Acorn (which I erroneously called Fallen Angel for some reason) had fallen over, but I picked it up, proving I’m not completely anti- “brewery tap with pitiful opening hours in the GBG”.

These obligatory posts about breweries on industrial estates are a struggle, I’ll say that. In fairness, we can’t have ALL pubs looking like the Fox (top), either. See my post from 2020 (here) on Gosport’s multi-coloured marvels.

I mean, how do you make a place with brewing vessels and trestle tables seem exciting ?

Of course, brewers just make the beer names “interesting” to compensate.

What’s wrong with “Bitter” and “Porter” and “Amber“, eh ?

But it works. I had to have a half of the “Hello Steven“. Had it been spelt with a “ph” I wouldn’t have bothered.

I was at the bar at 16:01. By 16:04 I’d finished it, ready to run back to the ferry terminal for the 16:15 to Portsmouth, at 16:05 I was still waiting for the card reader so I could pay.

But what a beer it is, remarkable.

Almost as remarkable as my 5 minute dash back to the ferry, and the views (once I recovered) across to Old Pompey.

No idea why I ran. There’s a boat every 15 minutes.

16 thoughts on ““Hello Steven, This Is Clem Fandango, Can You Hear Me ?”

  1. So if you had only seen the online list, you would have had the ”
    We Get It Aaron, You Surf…”? (As long as it was spelled with two a’s?)


  2. My middle name is Stephen, spelled correctly. Spelling it with a V should be a hanging offence. Listen up, Morrissey, I ‘m talking about you.


  3. I was forgetting about THAT Morrissey, Stafford Paul, but I was referring to the whining, winging singer, who is known as Morrissey.

    I think he used to be in a band called the Smiths, or something like that, but it was just a throw away comment made at the end of the night, with no real harm intended.

    Martin has asked me to amend it anyway, but I’m not sure if I can using my phone. 🤔


    1. Under the new UK social media legislation being discussed ALL comments are read at the end of the day and references to inflicting harm on other human beings (even Morrissey) take literally, which may result in my site being taken down and huge fines equivalent to 3 pints of Doom Bar. You just can’t be too careful these days.


    1. Sorry to alarm you, Paul, it was a non serious response to current political debate on making platform owners responsible for comments.

      If I came on your blog and said “well strike me down with a feather” you could go to prison for allowing content promoting self harm !


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