11th January 2023.

A third new Beer Guide tick in Greater Pompey (hey, perhaps I am attempting GBG23), after a mad dash from the Gosport ferry to the Sally Port, another Old Town new entrant.

It looks like it’s half the old pub, the rest of the space an antiques shop that’s open when the boozer isn’t.

And it is a boozer, the lovely barperson telling me she likes working there “because it’s just drinking, there’s no food”.

Still quite smart though, and there’s table service after I choose the ubiquitous Irvin (cool, crisp, 3.5).

Yes, very civilised, with £4 pints seemingly a bargain as you get a ramekin of nibbles they’d charge you a quid for in a Fullers pub.

There’s a couple who pop in to escape the thunder and downpours outside, who declare “It’s too wet for cider” enigmatically.

Simon will love it: welcome, snackage, barmaid whistling to Thriller, the loyalty card us tickers are obliged by law to take and lose..

The urinal feels a bit exposed, if I’m honest.

But that’s a small price to pay for a glorious dedication to 1983 poppage.

Well, not the Southsea newbies we’ve come to expect, but more Pompey winners.

Back at the Harbour Station 15 minutes later, I wondered what the enigmatic “shop” might look like in a years time.


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