11th January 2023.

Saints v City for a place in the Mickey Mouse (now we’re out) cup.

As a “glory hunter” (my first City game was at Luton in 1977; Will was probably glory-hunting at that game too) I only qualify for a few tickets for away matches each season, and Southampton is always a highlight.

A day by the sea, a few new GBG pubs, good crowd at St Mary’s, raucous pre-match atmosphere at the Giddy Bridge.

If ever a pub was designed to be taken over (unofficially) by away fans, it’s this classic Spoons half-way from station to stadium. Spoons staff have a remarkably tolerant attitude towards 200 lads chanting and spilling beer on their lovely carpets. Try that in Brunning & Price and see what you get.

City fans in the street outside, on the stairs to the bogs, in every spare space inside. No-one seems to mind, even the outnumbered Saints fans. We have a common enemy, and its name is Havant & Waterlooville V.A.R.

Good beer range in the Giddy,

the Old Empire a fruity NBSS 3.5. I am the only person in the pub who scores their beer, I bet you.

City fans care more about getting p****d than winning trophies, which is just as well giving our (apparently) disastrous season.

Our songs include classics like “It should have been ten (GBG ticks)“, “Too drunk to give a ****”, “We’ve come to tick your micros” and whatever this one is;

Something about Gales HSB not being what it once was, I guess.

It’s good to see so many young lads having the time of their lives, finally able to get a ticket due to higher away allocations for cup ties.

Sadly, singing songs and drinking cheap foreign lager is as good as the night will get.

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