11th January 2023.

I feel cold just writing this a week on. No idea why I decided to catch the ferry to Gosport over an hour before Fallen Acorn opened, I think it was drier on the boat (marginally).

The general feeling on Blue Moon, the City forum, was that I was mad heading to Gosport pre-match, and in truth it is hard to love.

But it’s not dull, and the views back to Pompey are some of the best in the south.

But could I while away an hour ? Well, I bought a new umbrella from Boots; it almost worked.

And after consulting What Pub I thought 33 Green Bottles had at least an 8.2% chance of gracing a future GBG.

Though to be honest, it would have been hard to walk past this poster.

This is a quirky little place, part offie, part bar, part private punk memorabilia collection.

Of course, with the Sex Pistols greeting you at the door it’s almost inevitable the first thing you hear is “Hold the Line” by Toto.

Not “Africa“, mind, big difference.

Interesting keg line-up, and only a very brave pre-emptive ticker would have chanced that Bowman at the bottom,

so I chanced a decent half of “We Get It Aaron, You Surf” from the brewery across the road. It seemed to be poured out of the blue barrel on the bar by a lady who was completely charming.

I think that charm was the main attraction of the place, as the lone other customer, a chap on a mobility scooter, definitely wasn’t working through the craft card.

Shane would have liked it, I felt.

He’s a big fan of John Denver, just like me.

I held the door open for the mobility scooter.

What’s your phone number ?” asks the Old Boy.

Well that’s a bit presumptuous. Or perhaps he wants me to follow him round Gosport pubs opening doors.

NO, not your number, this pub’s !”.


4 thoughts on “GOSPORT GOES PUNK

  1. Gosport was my late mother-in-law’s home town before she moved to Cheltenham.

    It’s not everyone who claims to have fallen overboard from the ferry as a three-year-old, and safely swum half a mile ashore…


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