“And if a double decker bus, crashes into us…”

….we still have Christmas Eve, Eve in Manchester.

23rd Manchester 2022.

Or “Black Eye Friday“, the last working day before Christmas, in my book. A highlight of the year.

Except it seemed most folk had packed in work a week early, the lazy sods. Matthew was busy cutting student hair till lunchtime on Christmas Eve, as young folk like to make an effort for their girlfriend’s parents.

Hardly any trains on the 24th, so we were in Manchester to bring Matt home, like in a Chris Rea song.

To be honest, we also wanted a Proper Night Out after the disaster on Mrs RM’s birthday the week before, and the Townhouse, opposite the Circus, was oddly cheap.

We parked in our “secret parking place” north of town, and popped in the first Guide pub on the way in to town.

Oh, that’ll be the Crown & Kettle then.

Yes, yes, it’s got a famous ceiling.

And it seems to drop in and out of favour, despite having comfy seats, lovely staff and the sort of beer range (if you like that sort of thing) we take for granted these days.

What’s it like out there ?” asked the barperson. “Manic later I bet !”. Aren’t young people great ?

The Triple Point was cool and chewy and lovely (NBSS 3.5). Somehow I failed to buy Mrs RM the Vocation 12.5% Imperial Stout.

Here’s a rare pic of Mrs RM not on her phone.

Oh, sorry, wrong pub.

The festive soundtrack went from “Take A Walk On The Wild Side” to “Teenage Kicks” to this one;

A bloke on the next table sang along. “And if a double decker bus, crashes into us…

I asked Mrs RM if she recognised it; she didn’t. What it is to be young.

6 thoughts on ““And if a double decker bus, crashes into us…”

      1. They had about 1120 pubs when taken over by Watneys in August 1960.
        I remember most Wilsons pubs, with the WILSONS name in the Watneys font, still having real beer through the 1970s and, oddly, Wilsons Great Northern Bitter advertised on buses in mid Staffordshire fifty years ago though I never saw the beer, even in the free trade, this side of Cheshire.


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