19th December 2022.

It was a controversial decision by Black Country progsters Led Zeppelin to name their song about curry after a cafe in Bradford, rather than a Balti house closer to home. Perhaps Spice of Lyefe and Balti Bazaar didn’t scan as well.

You’re a bit spoilt for curry in Bradford; here’s Curry-Heute’s list.

The International and Sheesh Mahal are smarter and possibly better, but the Kashmir IS Bradford.

The walk from the craft bars of North Parade to the Alhambra takes you past the bright lights of Diwali past,

to the joys of Christmas present.

It’s just turned 5pm, hardly the magic hour for curry, even in Bradford,

and I’m the only custom in the Kashmir.

Perhaps, there’s at least two entrances and rather haphazard seating on at least three levels, so who knows.

By the tine the chicken pakora arrives I feel at home, the middle-aged couples are coming in,

and I can’t even remember what the yummy curry (top) was but Dave is an expert on this stuff. In and out in 25 minutes.

Only one way to fill the gap between curry and train; a first visit to a traditional Bratfud boozer.

Four punters in the Brew Dog at 17:30, and I rarely see their bars busy these days. The “Bradford Favourite” Silk Road is exactly what my tummy doesn’t need after cask and curry, but at least they’re playing Men Without Hats* so that’s craft.

Blimey Bradford looks gorgeous at night.

*I just know Mark Crilley will ask if it was “Down Under” or “Overkill” but I don’t know, do I ?

9 thoughts on “KASHMIR

  1. Hector is the only expert! Where would we be without him? I have no idea why but the Bradford curry we had was significantly better and different than any other curry we have eaten. Amazing to me that Hector rates Glasgow equal to Bradford. At least I think he does and it makes me want to get to Glasgow.

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