I know our American readers miss our trad pubs a lot, but they’re also missing our authentic (?) northern curry houses, which Bradford still does the best.

Curryheute, who is to curry what Roger Protz is to pubs, has a list of recommended houses.

No, I haven’t been to Carthage yet.

But I’ve been to the International, it was the scene of the famous “beer after mango lassi” incident in 2014.

The walk through town, via Sunbridge Wells, is half the fun.

The Shalimar is over the road, but I know the International has toilets that may be more acceptable to one half of our party.

This is a classy place, and by early evening it’s full of locals in groups.

Our choices are not exciting,

but Lamb Karahai and Chicken Dhansak have JUST the right constituency, and I doubt you’ll eat better for under £40 anywhere in West Yorkshire.

I have NO idea how Mrs RM managed to get the drinks bill above £8.

NB If you don’t drink mango lassi, the Fighting Cocks is only 5 minutes away.


      1. The double Crawley entries are explained by Hector having a regular Curry Heute companion (Lord Clive) who lives there.

        I would like to see a GBG style publication about curry. Hector’s site is brilliant, but only covers places he visits. Not fantastic, say if you are looking for a decent establishment in Cardiff or Blackburn on a Tuesday night.

        The International seems too expensive for my standards, even with the free chapattis rather than paid for filled nan. Kashmir is more my style.

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      2. Ah, that does explains it, thanks Tom. I thought Hector was well travelled but he hadn’t much to say about Sheffield. But then again, I’ve only been in three curry houses here ever, and Hector had discovered the cafe Apna Style which was great.

        I was going to say that my first choice in Bradford WAS Kashmir, for all sorts of reasons, but I was reading recent reviews walking through the town square and saw the ones commenting on the ladies toilets !

        The International isn’t cheap by Bradford standards, but the 3 cartons we took home lasted me tea and lunch the next day.


  1. Bradford born and bred, I struggle to find good curries elswhere, but I live near a great one in Shefford, Bedfordshire, the Dalchini Spice, which is on a par with everything Bradford has to offer.
    It’s still strange watching southerners cutting up their chappaties (if they dare to order them) with a knife and fork before dipping them gently into their meal. We always get square looks as we rip and scoop, making lickable golden stains as the sauce dribbles onto our fingers lol.

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      1. Yes, that one is recommended by my mates, but we haven’t been yet.
        I spend summer working down here in Henlow and I’m usually too tight to go too far when a taxi from Henlow to Shefford requires a re-mortgage, whereas the train to Hitchin or Biggleswade is only a couple of quid.

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