Much controversy in the wake of that last post as I described our journey to my North Yorkshire GBG straggler in Sutton-in-Craven.

Yes, we’d stopped in West Yorkshire for a loo stop that turned into an advisable pint in the Wuthering Heights that preceded a walk to the Bronte waterfalls.

We had the circular route pretty much to ourselves.

I don’t think much of the street art,

but the views are even better than in Sheffield and the footpaths well maintained.

HOW much longer ?” said Mrs RM as the clouds threatened to open.

I looked for inspiration, and found it just past the waterfall.

We just beat the deluge, and made a short but wobbly trip over the heavily guarded West/North border to the Kings Arms. I really think there’s an apostrophe missing, but no doubt we can debate that at length in the comments.

A friendly, homely pub” says What Pub, which also suggests the place was last surveyed in December 2017, at which time Keighley KAMRA were no doubt as thrilled by the beer range as I was now;

Well, here’s your proof that the Beer Guide runs on quality rather than quantity, and praise be to that.

This was the best Tetley since it was brewed in Leeds. Cool, dry, clean. It’s the pub, not the brewery, that makes or breaks a beer.

That’s the best pint of Tetley since it was brewed in Leeds” I said to the Landlady, who seemed pleased.

Just a shame Mrs RM was drinking most of it.

Half the village were settling in by 16:30. It really was the Golden Hour.

You alright Bill ?

I will be in about 30 seconds” said Bill, picking up his Tetley.

The soundtrack went from “Lying Eyes” to “Africa” to “Come on Eileen.

Was Eileen her REAL name ?. In pubs, the big questions of our time are left unanswered.

Anyway, time for Bratfud. Time for curry.


    1. I went to the official launch in Leeds in 2018, although I missed the speeches due to late-running trains. I was never impressed with it – it seemed a bit thin and harsh.

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  1. Good to see the correct spelling of Bratfud being used in your blog. I think you may qualify for a free pint of Tetleys – it’s just a matter of finding one.

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