A craft diversion in Hull (via Waterbeach)

10th December 2022.

Two hours in Hull; two new great pubs in the bag (well, the GBG).

But we’d forgot to eat, which is the sort of thing some Guide tickers seem to think is fine, but not us.

Luckily, 10 minutes away lies Princes Avenue, home to all the places a hungry student could ever need. Let’s go there, via the disused Hull to Withernsea line;

I don’t like the absence of a train service to Withernsea, how am I going to tick the Captain Williams in GBG 23 ? But I do like disused railway lines like this,

taking you past disused station buildings,

overgrown foliage, obscene graffiti on street art,

and some very attractive houses reminiscent of Cambridge’s most atmospheric streets.

The path brings you out at Atom Brewery‘s new tap, relocated from the Old Town to a place where it can better serve keg and burgers to discerning students. Or, in mid December, ladies in Christmas hats.

Mrs RM grabbed the last table and dispatched to me stand at the bar and pick the strongest beer.

I failed, getting Mrs RM a pint of something palpably below 10%, and a slice of Waterbeach for myself.

Pastore is everywhere at the moment, and rightly so. Choosing one of their sours, or cheesecake flavoured beers, ensures that Mrs RM won’t steal my drink. Pastore should make chips.

Talking of chips, the cheesey chips in a bowl here are worth travelling from Grimsby for.

It’s never getting in the GBG, but as a burger bar it’s unbeatable, and Shazam gave up trying to identify the music, always a good sign.

Talking of mysteries, I sat there staring at those letters for ages. MOTA ?

9 thoughts on “A craft diversion in Hull (via Waterbeach)

    1. I didn’t know they’d relocated, either.

      Their was a new bar (looked pretty non-cask) at that old Corn Exchange site near the Minster, but I can find nothing out about it.

      Atom’s new site looks perfect. No cask, also sensible though I’ve always enjoyed their beers.

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  1. I entered those premises on the first working day of my life in February 1964, when the site housed a branch of Yorkshire Bank. I did not imagine how much it would have improved only 59 years later.

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