10th December 2022.

A milestone now, as the Top 100 pubs series reaches Pub No. 837. And it’s a cracker.

20 minutes walk from the New Clarence to the Station Inn,

with The County’s bright lights almost calling me in for a half of Banks’s Amber at the very first hurdle.

We pressed on through past pet hospitals and primary schools and play areas as dusk fell,

pausing only to admire some uncompromising street art.

There’s not many Beer Guide pubs this far north of the Old Town once you get away from studenty Princes Avenue, (apart from this one), and not many new GBG entries as traditional and unfussy as the Station Inn;

But the last year has been a Golden Era for Proper Pubs in the Guide. I guess that the Station is this year’s version of 2022’s Rutland in Grimsby, as Hull strikes back across the Humber.

An instant classic, with warm welcome, raging fire, banter across the bar, a symphony in brown.

No telly for the World Cup, and sensible local cask beers. I’ll forgive the jam jars. This time.

Mrs RM steals my Shadow Fall Porter, she lives on the dark side, and leaves me the Jorvik Blonde I thought she’s want because it says “Blonde”. I can’t win. Both cool and clean, NBSS 3.5 stuff, though the Porter edges it.

The soundtrack, from a ghetto blaster on the bar, lurches from “Baggy Trousers” to “Message In A Bottle” via local adverts. Shazam identifies The Police in 0.7 seconds.

All the locals seem to leave when we arrive, which we take personally, but they’re swiftly replaced by a bloke with a well-behaved dog I managed not to trip over on the way to the Gents though I nearly catch light as the sparks in the fire pop and crackle.

The Gents is in the lounge bar, an absolute classic of its kind,

and as I return to the front bar I wonder how this place can have escaped the attention of the Heritage Pub lot.

And then I think “I love this pub“. I really do.

15 thoughts on “TOP 100 PUBS – THE STATION INN, HULL

    1. It really is startling how many Proper Pubs are entering the Guide these last two years, Dave. Obviously there are still small pubs and brewery taps as well but I didn’t expect homely, warm places like the Station in the GBG.


      1. The tickers museum collection can afford to pay more than a penny. Think of what it is worth if you include a train ticket and green marker!

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  1. We had a fireplace like that in the living room, two houses back. We knew the previous owner installed but never thought that it could have come from a pub.

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      1. It got quite a nice review from Quinno on Pubs Galore a few years ago (, but I still didn’t take the hint.

        I might have to do a Beverley Road crawl: get the bus out from Paragon to Raich Carter Way (ring road) and walk back. Although I’ve already done the Rising Sun and Pilot, so first pubs would be a little way back into town, but there are a lot of them, especially on Newland Avenue. And the Station to look forward to.

        The last time I went to Hull the train company cancelled my train back to Sheffield and I got a go-anywhere ticket as compensation. It almost makes it seem worthwhile going to Hull! (Almost.)

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      2. Let me know and I’ll come with you if you want.

        Food review by Quinno, still feels accurate. Toilets were fine from memory. Interesting it’s an ex-Old Mill pub, it reminded me of that Old Mill Rutland Arms near Blundell Park that made the GBG last year.


      3. Of course you’d be very welcome to join me on the Beverley Road 2-Miles! I hope we find some pubs open. We’ll have to co-ordinate our diaries or whatever it’s called.


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