10th December 2022.

On the Hull new Guide entry trail with Mrs RM, who was desperate for a comfort break as we finally reached the New Clarence.

Now, I was really surprised that BRAPA hadn’t ever been to the Clarence before, as I assumed Daddy BRAPA had taken Simon to every pub in Hull. Perhaps there’s another Clarence in Leeds or Middlesbrough I’m getting confused with.

Here’s what you could have had if you’d come here when Simon was in short trousers,

Not Tets, but some beer from up the A1079 near York. Wherever that is.

It’s a lovely place, cosy and well-furnished,

and with an excellent choice of non-CAMRA approved ciders in two temperatures. They should serve Doom Bar like that.

The lovely barman tells me the Porter is his favourite. I would like all bar people to tell me which beers I should buy.

Mrs RM had nabbed the best seat, rather unnecessarily as were (as always) first in. Glorious bench seating, and a map detailing the Old Town before the micropubs arrived.

Great beer, cool and rich (3.5+),

and a classy soundtrack that Mrs RM didn’t recognise, being young and all.

The arrival of the Chilli Devils food folk has probably given the pub a boost, too. All the New Clarence needed was a bit more custom, and it duly arrived with a dad and lad popping in to play board games. I loved that.

We could have stayed there all day, reading Volume XVII of the Encyclopaedia Britannica, but that’s not how pub ticking works.

Time to hit the north.

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