Do you remember those golden days when train ran ? No, me neither.

10th December 2022.

World Cup Quarter Final Day. England were due to be beaten by the French after a plucky performance and some refereeing controversy (see also : 1966, 1986, 1998 etc etc).

I couldn’t face it, and tricked Mrs RM into accompanying me on a day trip to Hull.

Not sure how I tricked her, if honest; perhaps I promised we’d break the journey in Goole. Or perhaps she agreed there was no place better to spend National Lager Day.

You’ll be delighted to know we DID end up at Ye Olde White Harte, but what did we there imbibeth ?

On the way we saw the Queen’s Messenger, appropriately a Deutsche Bahn train.

The train slowed down and then stopped completely near Brough, but at least we were able to capture the bridge in all its glory.

Some funny people live on the south side, you know.

First time at Hull Paragon Interchange for some time, and nice to see they’ve installed this artwork commemorating a Mr B Everitt dragging his son Simon to the Whalebone pre-emptively in 1982. When falls the Whalebone, so falls Hull.

For a change we were headed away from the Old Town to the north of centre, and here’s a spoiler for the delights ahead.

Our route takes us past the gorgeous central library,

and some art installations,

many of which were auditioning to be BRAPA’s next pub mascot.

Hull has a lot in common with Sheffield (less Chinese students though), with the ’70s office blocks almost coming back to fashion,

but leaving lots of “potential” for further gentrification, I suppose.

By the time we got to the Hop & Vine we needed a comfort break, so just as well pub No. 1 was just round the corner (or so I told Mrs RM, who doesn’t believe me anymore).

14 thoughts on “OVER THE HUMBER

  1. Every day is National Lager Day in Shetland.

    Did you know the first lager to be brewed in the UK was in Wrexham? Not just home of the Bass mirror.


  2. Thanks for the mention Martin. It’s such a lifelike statue, showing all the strained effort of dragging junior to the pub. Those were the days.

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  3. At the very left of the photo of Jarratt Street and Bond Street can be seen the top of what was the Hull Brewery where I worked in 1974. The Head Brewer was Peter Austin who later founded the Ringwood Brewery, was the first chairman of the Society of Independent Brewers (SIBA) and built some 140 new breweries in the UK and sixteen other countries.

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