21st November 2022.

Hourly trains from Castleford to Leeds, a regularity aimed squarely at the pub ticker.

Leeds is a target for fans of cutting-edge street art these days. This one is called “Woke Simon Attacked By Big Bird In Brid”.

When I “worked” trips to Leeds were a regular occurrence for national meetings not far from these roadworks;

These days I mainly visit for gigs. Speaking of which, I’m not saying Leeds lives in the past musically (any more than Manchester, to be honest), but the Kaiser Chiefs ? In 2022 ?

Hard to believe Ruby was a Number 1.

Not much new in the GBG round here of late after that burst of activity a decade ago, but the Cardigan Arms is now firmly on the register of national classic, and Kirkstall’s own brewery tap is the sole new Guide entry.

You’ll not get a better contrast between exterior and interior anywhere in the country, I wager.

I wonder what Paul Mudge would make of it ?

Turn up on Monday and you get an (excellent) half price posh pizza to go with your Black Band Porter (NBSS 3+). I’ve managed to capture the only moment the assembled (WFH) office workers showed any interest in England v Iran.

Honest. Rashford (well done, lad) scored and no-one noticed. I’m just no good at watching football on telly.

I’m not very good at pacing myself either. Why on EARTH did I go back up at half-time for a pint of the Mild XXX?

“Just to let you know, it’s six and a half per cent” says the nice barman.

“Whatever” I say. Someone refused to serve Mrs RM an imperial stout in anything other than thirds this week. World’s gone mad,

My notes say “Blimey”. And that’s all he wrote.

9 thoughts on “THE KIRKSTALL END

  1. “I wonder what Paul Mudge would make of it ?”
    I’ll let you know when they’ve done the ceiling.

    6.5% mild might be drinking as well as the Sarah Hughes Dark Ruby in the Beacon Hotel.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Kirkstall started brewing some old recipes from the original brewery of the same name. I’ve had the bitter, the pale and the mild (it’s “only” 5% and is a medium brown colour), but have never seen the XXX mild on when I’ve been to the Cardigan Arms.


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