19th May, I think. Catching up a bit.

I caught up with Kentish Paul at the Sheffield Tap and while he probably drunk 12% Imperial Stouts I had a radler. Aren’t radlers the new “thing” now that the mild craze is over.

I’d had my lot for the day, which was a shame as I was heading off to Leeds for a gig (again !).

This week’s American songstress was Julien Baker at Leeds Irish Centre, a mile east of centre. Your only pub stop en-route is a favourite of visiting Man United fans.

First time at the Irish Centre for a gig organised by the Brudenell.

The Brudenell Social Club is a GREAT venue; the Irish Centre is OK, with a raised area at the back, but I’m afraid that instead of the “drunks at the bar talk over the band“, it was a case of the bar staff clattering about during Julien’s piano pieces.

Sometimes you’re just not in the mood, I guess. She’s a marvel, but perhaps best enjoyed by yourself in a darkened room.

On a dark night, Leeds shone.

Particularly Quarry House (aka the Kremlin), where I used to enjoy monthly dressing-downs at NHS central in the 2000s but at least I got a decent pint of Tetley before the trip home.

Now I don’t get the work aggro but I don’t get the post-work pint either. Oh well.


  1. I’m in the process of sorting my pension out with a view to becoming #RetiredBill. I’ll stay on in the Civil Service for a bit, to keep me out from under Mrs B’s feet, but as soon as they try to mess me about, I’m out of there. At the moment, however, the post- work pints are sweet.

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  2. That Hope doesn’t look as good as the one at Smithfield where I’d have a pint before my breakfast and a pint in the Cock Tavern.


  3. Good to see my old office Quarry House there Martin. Worked there for years. Looks lovely at night. I was on the original Working Party that oversaw the move of DSS from London and Lytham to Leeds. Had the hard hat tour when it was being built too.

    The bar there used to sell cask beer -Tetley -and of course the Palace nearby – shithole now – did a fine Ind Coope Burton Ale. Often my downfall.

    Thanks for the memories.

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