Kentish Paul had done the Kelham Klassics, and taken the photo of the best exterior,

so I left him in Will’s capable hands to visit the Wellington while I was dressing up for a gig in Leeds that night. Sadly, all photos of me in my “dressing up” state were destroyed in the Great Purge.

We reconvened at the Bath Hotel, another heritage classic that had lost a bit of character (imv) under Thornbridge, much as I like Thornbridge beers.

It’s just re-opened under old ownership and it’s a corker, again.

Beers you’ve heard of at daft prices (if you’re from Tonbridge or Manchester), and a much livelier feel than before. Will insisted on standing at the bar to take it in,

and Will was (again) right. I hope he doesn’t let my praise go to his head.

The Barnsley Bitter was cool and rich, the banter at the bar was cheery, and the heritage features just as they always were.

Paul, being an official Old Codger, took his free bus to the station (well, the Tap). I ran. It’s not good to run after 4 pints, let me advise you now.

11 thoughts on “BACK IN THE BATH

    1. They’ve got Jaipur – that and the Lukas lager are the only Thornbridge beers. The Abbeydale Deception is my stand by for when the Acorn Barnsley is off. I know Barnsley Bitter is not your cup-of-tea, but it’s always in superb condition here.


      1. I was on the march through Barnsley for saving the brewery, not that it did any more good than in Stone or Wem.


    2. The Acorn Brewery in Barnsley had the equipment from Stafford’s Forester and Firkin when it closed.


  1. Will also took the bus, and we both took the tram from the Wellington, up to the Bath Hotel.

    Heading back out to sea now, from a cold and rainy Alesund, so no more comments for a while.

    I gather there’s a heatwave back in the UK.

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      1. I like Broadstairs, but Mrs PBT’s says you can keep the heat!

        We are in Stavanger now, where it’s not forecast to get above 14 degrees, and according to the ship’s captain, we’re unlikely to see any rain. ğŸ˜Ž

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