19 May 2022. Was this my last pint of Kelham Island ?

Kentish Paul was our visitor, his first trip since Stones Bitter was trendy, and Will and I made sure he stuck RIGIDLY to the approved Sheffield beer route (possibly the same one as Messrs Protz, Everitt and Coldwell way back).

I feel a certain obligation to entertain visitors to my adopted city, even the ones who stay TWO WEEKS !

I feel the weight of that obligation, but more than that I feel the weight of the bargain steak pie that Paul and I devoured before Will arrived. It’s rude to eat chips in front of other drinkers.

The Pale Rider was superb, it always is despite some on Discourse telling me “the beer isn’t was it was“. Rubbish.

I hope the folk at Kelham Island are OK; I miss their beers already.

Another great sunny day, perhaps Kentish Paul is righteous too. Who knows.

I insisted that Paul visit the industrial museum while Will and I had a beer at the Millowners next door. It’s got the world’s biggest collection of razor blades, you know.

The Millowners majors on Sheffield breweriana, a word I always spell wrong.

You get a nice seat by the river, friendly service, proper coffee, and a Tiny Rebel oddity that I rated 3.5 and had an argument with Will about. He’s very argumentative, you know.

Paul managed 13 minutes in the museum, a noble effort, before joining us for beer and argument.

And then, inevitably, the Kelham Island Tavern, a bit quieter than normal as folk decamped to the garden, and a 3rd 3.5 with the Blue Bee.

Sadly, Paul embarrassed us by taking photos in the pub.

As readers of this blog will know, you should only take exterior shots of photos of pubs (because the fashions will make the photos seem dated, apparently).

14 thoughts on “THE LAST PALE RIDER ?

  1. At least the photos weren’t of people, because that IS embarrassing – according to my family, at least.

    Boak & Bailey ( no relation), go out of their way to avoid including any human presence, when taking photos, or so they claim in a recent post – a couple of weeks ago, if I remember correctly.

    I’m not that saintly, despite Martin’s claims to the contrary, although I will take the credit for the glorious weather we enjoyed in Sheffield, that day! 😎

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  2. It was Blue Bee Triple Hop you awarded 3.5 on the BBBSS (Blue Bee Beer Scoring System) that day, but more recently it’s been replaced by the Blue Bee American Five Hop, which was so good this week that I was at the Kelham Island Tavern four days out of seven. There should be a score to reflect excellence like that.

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  3. “Sheffield breweriana, a word I always spell wrong.”

    Always with two Fs. Oh, breweriana?

    It was spelt “breweryania” in the edition of Beer Matters that I picked up today; the laughingly or perhaps ludicrously mis-titled Camra mag from the Sheffield branch. (I like Pints of View, which is North Herts. Clever.) Possibly they were just testing to see whether there are any pedants left in Sheffield. (Just one, last time I checked in the mirror.) If a self-confessed accountant can spell the word correctly, it can’t be all that difficult, can it?


    1. Will,
      “Pints of View” was Stafford and Stone branch’s newsletter in the 1970s, Dave Beardmore having thought up the name, and it’s also been Edinburgh’s and Peterborough’s as well as South Herts.


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