Mrs RM is determined to see me finish the GBG this year, so I can do something useful like sort the garden out. She can dream.

I’d been putting my last Lancashire tick in Heysham off, hoping to do the Bookmakers before a 2:15 am sailing to the Isle of Man.

But Mrs RM HATES unpinked counties more than untended gardens, and dutifully saw me outside the Heysham micro bang on 2pm opening.

Mrs RM kept the engine running, prompting Arcade Fire to retrospectively write a song about it, so my time to capture Heysham on film was limited,

and to be frank the Bookmakers is your ubiquitous small Lancs town shop conversion.

BUT. The seating is comfortable, the welcome warm, the Hi Vis presence accounted for, the soundtrack Europe and Foreigner, to the appreciation of the bloke just back from a Whitesnake gig.

And the beer, Marble’s low ABV (2.8%) Petite is astonishingly cool and rich (NBSS 4).

Well done to Marble, a decent low volume cask beer is long overdue. Well done Bookmakers for such a cheery pub. But most of all well done to me.


  1. I mean this in the best possible way …catching back up with your blog is like putting a comfy pair of slippers back on…
    Relaxing, easy reading and featuring great beer!!!

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