Lancashire completed, Mrs RM pressed on to complete Cumbria, following up a 1-0 v Watford with an 8-0 at Arsenal in footballing parlance.

As we both approach middle-age the biggest threat to “completion” may well be the lack of toilet facilities, so thank goodness for unassuming boozers built on consecrated ground right next to the car park.

Yes, it’s the Ring O’Bells in Kendal !

Your task this morning is to FIND the Ring O’Bells on WhatPub by typing in Ring O’Bells (see here). Go on.

It’s not actually in GBG22, having been closed due to something called “the pandemic”, but had often taunted me from the pages of the Guide with its history and quirkiness.

So a quick half of a cool and tasty Lancaster Blonde (NBSS 3+) and a coke (served by a local as the Landlord was busy) while Mrs RM went the wrong way in search of the powder room.

Built on consecrated land” had always given me an image of a coffin in the Public. Sadly not, but it’s the sort of place you’re always expecting to have walked in on a wake.

A bit of a cracker, even if the beer range threatened by What Pub possibly overstates its place in the Krafty Kendal firmament. Oh, the craft is in the fridge.

Lovely comfy bench seating gave a great view of the Old Boys and a pashmina from Putney on holiday who came in and asked for a takeaway tea.

Is that seat taken ?” she asked.

“‘fraid so”

Oh no, my whole world is crumbling“. said the AmDram queen, pleasingly.

The landlord, a gem, filled her flask and charged her less than Costa. She was thrilled.

Where you from ?” said Old Boy 2.

London ! Well, Chilterns“. Make up your mind, dear.

And then she left, despite the Chilterns-friendly soundtrack of Phil Collins and the Pet Shop Boys.

I took a look around. Comfy and pleasant,

and then we headed for the ticks, hoping the running water wouldn’t necessitate another dash for the loos.


  1. I can barely recall* a time when I’ve resorted to the can fridge for a beer in a pub, I’m so utterly mistrustful of the fancy can lottery, which in pubs is often the repository for the wackiest sweet and sour high abv fruity-sweet hell-beers that I’ve never heard of.

    Also, is it just me that regards drinking what is in effect the takeaway/off license option in an on-licensed premises, somehow like eating a takeaway in a restaurant, kinda not the point.

    And finally, why is it that what’s probably the only acceptable use of a specialist drinks fridge, for bottles/cans of good dry ciders, is as rare as speckled hen teeth…

    Lovely looking pub by the way.

    (*I’ve just remembered, a can of Castle Rock IPA in the Little R’Ale in Wellingborough. A hot day with inexplicably no pale refresher on draught.

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  2. In a previous life, I enjoyed several pints of Lorimer’s Best Scotch at the Ring O’ Bells in Kendal. That was back in my student days, and we were in the area on a day’s field trip.

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      1. I’m not sure I remember Spoons selling that particular beer, but I do know that Lorimer’s was brand owned by Vaux of Sunderland.

        Vaux ceased brewing after being bought out by a bunch of venture capitalists – cowboys? I’m sure Stafford Paul would know when this occurred.

        I do recall Spoons selling Deuchars IPA, a beer with links to the shortly to close Caledonian Brewery. The latter plant was once owned by Vaux, before being sold to its management.

        All very complicated!! 🤔

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      2. No, Tim sold Youngers Scotch Bitter – not Vaux’s Lorimers Best Scotch – for 99p around 1999 which was when Vaux gave up brewing. .

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  3. Well, someone likes their apostrophes. Not just in the name of the pub, but liberally – and incorrectly – sprinkled everywhere. Is it run by greengrocers, perchance? Grrr…

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