22nd November 2022.

One last post from Sheffield before we go international again, and a trip down to Kelham Island that DOESN’T feature £3.40 cask.

It’s took a while, but Sheffield seems to be alive with small club gigs at the moment. There’s four venues in a minute’s walk below the Moor Market food court alone.

Yellow Arch were hosting Lewsburg from Rotterdam on a cold Tuesday night in late November for a tempting price of £11.20,

and if nothing else it’s a chance to admire the city’s best collection of umbrellas dangling from the ceiling,

and a cutting-edge bar list.

Quite odd seeing a Sheffield bar without Moonshine, so Gamma Ray will have to do. Also a surprise to have a “Card-only” policy, particularly as I only had cash on me, so good job James had come along to bail me out.

At least you get your beer in a proper glass, and it tastes of Gamma Ray.

A bit like Lewsberg sound like the Velvet Underground.

This sounds just like “White Light, White Heat” I tell James“, which leaves James none the wiser.

They’re very good, don’t bore us with an encore and Yellow Arch has great sound.

But really, they should sell their own T-shirts from the merch stall at the end. I’m not buying any more vinyl, which is a real problem for touring bands these days.


    1. We were having that discussion. There’s still a market for vinyls, particularly amongst younger fans, but I’d rather spend the £20 on a shirt. Can’t imagine they’re any more difficult to drag around on tour.


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