I nearly forgot to write about this one.  And it’s a corker. Even better, you get to walk past the only Northern place my Mum can name on the way.

Picturesque Yorkshire farming village drama

The Cardigan Arms is a short hop from Burley Park station, better known as the home of Sir Geoffrey, and not too far from the legendary Brudenell.


It’s a mixed area, similar in feel to Cambridge’s Mill Road “over the bridge“, but with one of those craft bars that sell murky Cappuccino IPAs.

Leeds murk

Oh, actually that’s a McDonalds espresso.  I should label these photos sooner.

Across the road the Cardigan looks every inch the Tetley heritage pub it is.

Your typical Leeds local

But never mind that.  Reading the estimable Full Measure tells me this new Kirkstall pub is “really good“, and we tickers know what that means.

Golly it’s gorgeous. And not just for fans of brewery mirrors  (pick me ! pick me !)

More mirrors

The very fact I haven’t been here before tells me how good the beer was before Kirkstall took it on, though you’re met with guest beers as you walk in to a bar that will remind Simon of the Fox in York.

Can’t complain at Hawkshead

The Kirkstall cask was round the corner alongside the Evil Keg.

Evil, but tasty keg

What would you recommend ?” I asked, in complete innocence.

A polite and sensible barman would recommend the Three Swords, and he did.

Oh look, a readable price lists

It was a cool and tasty (NBSS 3.5) half, but I’ll probably drag Mr Coldwell out there later for a proper review.

I would have had one of their “famous” sausage rolls, but the barman told me they were so large I’d have to wait 20 minutes. That’s enough time for 3 pints in some circles. I sense that’s a good thing.

But my tummy wouldn’t wait 20 minutes so I popped next door to Poco Sicilian Deli, which is just sensationally calorific.


I munched my hot and mucky ham and pea arancini by the dustbins behind the pub.  I know how to live.


17 thoughts on “HURLY BURLEY

  1. One of our only misses on out Leeds visit was not going out to this pub and Kirkstall Bridge. We missed a really nice looking pub. Reason to go back though.

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    1. You’ll be back. I’d actually go back just for the Sicilian deli. And a reminder that you must visit the Fox (an Ossett pub) when next in York. Simon’s favourite pub not in the GBG.


  2. I’d order more 2/3 pints in pubs when available if I wasn’t afraid it might catch on. Soon we’ll all be sat around tables like Europeans – wainting ages for table service and then be served beer in egg-glass sized glasses. Looks like a beautiful pub though. Reminds me of the Grove Inn across the river.

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    1. Two-third pint glasses are a con.
      It looks very much like a pint and costs what you might expect to pay for a pint and so you end up paying half as much again as you would for proper pints.

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  3. That “ONLY Bass’ …….” mirror indicates that long ago, and the red diamond suggests well over a century ago, it was accepted that just one proper beer was plenty.

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  4. I acted in a comedy series filmed at that TV studio 20 years ago.I wish I’d known about The Cardigan Arms because I would have drowned my sorrows in there knowing myself and the series were crap.
    We both sank without trace.

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  5. “the only Northern place my Mum can name on the way.”

    Ah. I’m guessing it was that TV show… Coronation Street? (LOL)

    “It’s a mixed area,”

    I’m looking at the OS map. Wouldn’t it make sense to have HM Prison inside Botany Bay? Or is that the choice one is given after being found guilty; HM Prison or Botany Bay? 😉

    “the Cardigan looks every inch the Tetley heritage pub it is.”

    Would a cardigan still be called a cardigan if it didn’t have arms? (sleeves) 🙂

    “Can’t complain at Hawkshead”

    Surely ‘Brodie’s Prime’ would be considered sexist? I mean, comparing a good beer to a woman of a certain age? You know, like that movie; Heading South:

    “I munched my hot and mucky ham and pea arancini ”

    I can see why ‘pea’ is singular; I can only see one of the bloody things in the photo. 🙂



  6. Point of order – It’s entirely different to The Grove, which is a smashing pub in it’s own right but not in the Gin Palace splendour category of the Cardy.

    If I were a betting man, I would have tenner on the Cardy being in the the next GBG, and I would double up with it being the next Leeds CAMRA POTY.

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