Buoyed by our cricket team’s success in taking mighty Scotland to the penultimate over last week, I’ve decided to jump on the sporting bandwagon, before the Premiership starts and I go into hiding.

When I handed over my haul of CAMRA magazines to Dave last week, I left a Panini World Cup album in the bag. He’s still looking for the USA page.


All you really need to know about the World Cup is on Lady Sinks The Booze‘s blog, including recommended apparel and strategies for getting a seat next to the TV.

I don’t approve of TV football, of course, even though it funds Raheem Sterling‘s salary.  There’s still time to drive our campervan to Saransk to see Denmark v Peru on Saturday, but I fear Mrs RM may have more ambitious plans now we’ve survived the BRAPA visit.


Peru are my favourites.  I particularly enjoyed watching them in ’78 for some reason.


World Cup flags in pubs are great, aren’t they ? Wetherspoons on Monday was a delight, with a customer telling staff that the flag they were putting up was the Irish one. I think it was Iran, which was close.

Our local has been renamed “On me head Sun” for the duration, and I may just pop in for a Peru game to see if they’ve any special football themed beers on.

There’s two bars in the Sun, one with high stools and Jamie Redknapp.

Pride drinking well
At least it’s not Hoddle

The other one, where we treated Simon to a pre-emptive tick last night, has the old fireplace, Punk IPA and Mrs RM talking politics.


You pays your money…


11 thoughts on “COME ON PERU !

  1. I’m about as likely to “jump on the sporting bandwagon” as I am to jump on the “craft” bandwagon.
    I was though interested in that link to read “I say the pubs will be packed with joyful England supporters and that every sport-free Spoons in the country will see a profits crash which will send Timbo straight to the tattoo parlour to have the EU flag emblazoned on his head lest he go to the poor house” and fear that along with Tim’s tattoo will come a hastily drawn up closure list. Could the World Cup be the last straw for the Lynd Cross ?

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  2. “There’s still time to drive our campervan to Saransk to see Denmark v Peru on Saturday,”

    Just think of the possible pub ticks along the way!

    And with that I’m off for a long walk with the Mrs and then I’ll peruse Ms. Walker’s post. 🙂


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  3. Two of us got ejected from Mildmay Arms, Queen Camel, in 1978 while watching THAT match, for cheering on Peru :-). One wouldn’t think Queen Camel a hotbed of Scottishness, but it turned out the landlord and locals were of that amateur football fan tendency who believe Scotland should be supported if England not involved / once England has been knocked out. Of course no professional football fan from England could ever support Scotland in any circumstances – and vice versa.

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