Nearly at the end of the Big Leeds Bank Holiday Night Out now, as we come to our last Beer Guide pub of the night (F).


The Duck & Drake is what we call a Proper Pub, playing proper music for people who should be tucked up in bed by 9pm on a Sunday. And it’s got a helpful fence so you don’t fall into the road when you stagger out the pub at chucking-out time.

Useful barriers

Sadly the music, probably an AC/DC covers band, had just finished.  So my entertainment was in deciding between Wales (with hunting print) and Yorkshire. I chose wrong; Brains is best drunk in the Goat Major.


Great boisterous pub though, even if our team was flagging by now.

Joe !

Still, when you’re flagging, only Brew Dog will do.  Doesn’t it look quaint ?


I know how much you enjoy seeing BrewDog price lists.

Live beer alert

More £5 a pint live beer, though the 5AM Saint was by far the most carbonated beer of the day.

You won’t get me slagging off the Dog, even though their album choices are a bit old hat.


Anyway, that was that, bar a rather good curry near Bundobust that Dick and Dave will recall the name of.

In the morning, Leeds looked fantastic.



My late morning coffee and poached eggs on a crumpet came from Grub & Grog, very new Leeds with its vegetable and craft beer fixations. Great crumpet though.



Ten points for naming the dead pub at the top.


  1. It’s a shame that I missed the Duck and Drake but I had done the Head of Steam, Adelphi and Fiends of Ham before we met up in Tapped and I was on the train to Bradford as I’m one of those “people who should be tucked up in bed by 9pm on a Sunday” and on every other day of the week.

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      1. When I’ve had some in the last 3 months or so it hasn’t actually been very good, seems a lot less palatable than a few years ago. At least it was nice of James to let us try some for free recently, persuaded me not to bother with it if an alternative available.

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      2. Sadly I felt the same when I had my free pint in the Manchester BrewDog, almost metallic, and being free normally makes a beer tastes better. The Live Dead Pony and Live 5AM Saint also a bit fizzy. And I’m a fan.

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      3. But if hipsters are prepared to pay £5 for a pint of fizzy beer given a silly name by a big brewery can you blame BrewDog for charging that much ?


  2. “I know how much you enjoy seeing BrewDog price lists.”

    While I’ve enjoyed the odd BrewDog (in cans and/or bottles), mainly when I was visiting my brother in northern France, I’m not sure they’re good enough to warrant a 30% markup, or more! 😉

    “Great crumpet though.”

    Is that in reference to the food or the waitress? 🙂

    “Ten points for naming the dead pub at the top.”

    The first red-haired Scots to come south of the border?


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