It’s nearly two weeks since Dick and Dave left the fizzy keg comforts of the US of A for the warm cask and weird banter of our shores, and I’ve only just got round to writing sarcastic comments on the photos from Leeds.

Leeds was a bit of a mammoth crawl, going overnight from “Let’s meet up for a quick pint with Richard and you when I deliver the year’s collection of CAMRA magazines” to an official Beer and Pubs Proper Day Out.


The first stop from the station (A) was a place that probably qualifies as a traditional boozer these days, so fast does Leeds evolve into a northern version of Bermondsey arches.

Here’s the evidence that Leeds was positively Balearic that afternoon, and consequently heaving.

Proof that pavement drinking is all the rage in LS1

Tapped had outside seating, too.

Sales of Ray Bans doubled in a week

But real Pub Men and Women melt when it goes above 15 degrees, so the estimable Paul Mudge (top) had bagged us some seats round those high tables we all love. We were joined by the local craft sage and Leon of Menston via Tranmere fame for chat about the 1975 Good Beer Guide and Half Man Half Biscuit*.

As busy as ever, Tapped is what Brewhouse and Kitchen could be with decent design and decent beer.


No idea why I took the photo of the exciting keg fonts, as we all seemed to end up with pints of Great Heck Pale which were tasty but lacking in zing (NBSS 3).

Some day all pubs will look like this
Paul celebrates identifying the pale beer correctly

High seats apart, Tapped does a good job and would give Manchester’s Beermoth a run for its money.

Ten minutes, and several expert bits of jaywalking later, we were at Leeds’s version of the British Protection.  A first to the Victoria for at least a decade.  It hasn’t changed, but I sensed Leeds has.

A wow moment for Dick and Dave

We found a table next to the bar, and weighed up the competing appeal of “Tetley” and Doom Bar.

A less than “Wow” moment for the rest of us

Kirkstall won (except with “Tetley Paul”, another pint best summed up as adequate in a staggeringly good but quiet pub.

We should have had the mystery lager…


Oh, well.  Next stop was the Templar.


* I haven’t got a clue what we talked about as I took no notes.  For all I know we agreed a future pub crawl in Maidenhead.

NB It’s traditional in this sort of report to say “and a good time was had by all our jolly topers !!!!” and tell you the brewer and ABV of beers consumed, but stuff that.



  1. I think we actually expressed relief neither of us has to visit Maidenhead this year! I can feel that afternoon’s heat just looking at the pictures. Look forward to the next installment…

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  2. This one sounds a bit like a typical Ron Pattinson pub review.
    Got up.Fried some bacon.Had a beer for breakfast.Carried on drinking beer all day until it was single malt time.Went to bed pissed and happy.
    Yet he always makes it sound interesting.
    In much the same way as you manage to coax the most reluctant nugget from the seemingly dire prospecting grounds of provincial inner-city taverns.
    Every time.
    Those heads look a bit flat.I thought they used sprinklers ‘oop North ?

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    1. Oh, this is a paid gig. I say nice things about Dick and Dave and they share a packet of peanuts with me when they meet up in Cambridge. I don’t like pub crawls, spend too much time having fun and not enough time taking notes.

      NB Does Ron review. Thought he just dug up old Mild recipes (not being sarcastic, that’s all I’ve seen on his blog).


      1. “Share” is one word for it, I guess.

        Folk who drink triple hopped banana sours from 333ml bottle in their underpants in front of the TV watching “Poldark” will never know the joy of a shared spiritual experience like pub snack sharing/stealing, will they ?


      2. His US perambulations are fun and he’s just back from a family trip to Blighty lovingly chronicled in great detail including drinking beer brewed to one of his own recipes.
        I’m just constantly amazed how much the old boy puts away while remembering the detail.
        Think of him as the T20 of beer blogging against your Wisden’s.


      3. Jaysus,just checked his blog to discover his trip back home was to bury his eldest brother and brew a beer in his memory.
        Now that’s insouciance.


      4. Paul, I have not had the pleasure of sharing Bombay Mix in Leicester. We have not been to Leicester, but it has been discussed.

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  3. “Proof that pavement drinking is all the rage in LS1”

    I’ll stick to beer drinking, thanks very much. Pavement has a habit of sticking in my throat.

    “Some day all pubs will look like this”

    And be automated to boot.


    Once they perfect a talking robot to be the barman who listens to all of your woes there will be no going back.

    “A wow moment for Dick and Dave”

    Agreed. Very nice.

    “Kirkstall won ”

    Would’ve gone for the Nettle Bitter myself. 😉

    “We should have had the mystery lager…”

    How do you know it was a lager? 🙂


    PS – “It’s nearly than two weeks ”

    I’m guessing a ‘more’ should be inserted in there somewhere.


  4. As a pub in an office area rather than the heart of the shopping centre, would you really expect the Victoria to be at all busy on a Sunday teatime?


    1. It’s right in the civic heart of the city next to Town Hall and Art Gallery and on way to student area so loads of people milling around in the sun, I think pubs with outdoor drinking were doing better.


      1. I suppose it’s a generational time, but to me Sunday teatime always seems about the least likely time of the week to want to visit a pub. I’m often surprised when driving past family dining pubs around that time to see just how full the car parks are.

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    2. Interesting point you prompt about best time to visit pubs. You’d get better beer quality in some pubs in Manchester on match day, in Leeds at six o’clock, in Stockport or Cambridge on quiz night etc. No joke. Cask turnover dropping fast, as Pete Brown wrote to some derision.


    1. There’s a good mix of pubs in Leeds. I quite like the odd modern beer hall and small café/beer bar like Wapentake alongside the Victoria and Scarborough. There’s less proper boozers these days though, smoking ban and Tetley move to blame.


  5. I don’t know anything about the mystery lager but the mystery for me in the Victoria was that all the glass and woodwork looked in too immaculate a condition to be from the century before last, and I thought only Humphrey could make new interiors look genuinely old.


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