My favourite photo (above) from Leeds tells all you need to know about why pubs are so great.  Can you imagine looking so happy sitting in your London flat drinking 330ml bottles of Pumpkin sour in your striped underpants watching Poldark ?  Don’t answer that.

It took me ages to construct our crawl map so I’d better use it again.  From C to D. From Calm to Delirium.


Next up was the last unreconstructed Leeds boozer that survives in the GBG (there’s plenty that don’t grace the Guide like the Duncan).

But first up our merry bunch of Real Ale Twats had to weave through hordes of young people enjoying open air indie pop and keg along Merrion Street.  Oh to be young.

In honour of Old Mudgie, who was saving himself for Bradford, I did consider popping in Mean Eyed Cat , but Richard said that even with 72.6% Revitalisation you can’t get in the Good Beer Guide offering tequila.

Mean Eyed Cat is to the right of Verve

What a gorgeous boozer the Templar is.

Officially a Proper Pub

And aren’t World Cup flags seen through pub windows great ?

Come on Germany !

It was bustling, busy for a city centre pub on a Sunday.  But just like Scotland’s cricketers, canny Pub Men always find a way to bag a table for five with a view of Alan Shearer spouting the obvious.

We surveyed a sensible range of beers.

Note CAMRA discount.  We did.
Wot ! No Tets ?

A great half hour of pub life ensued.  Dick and the bloke in the top photo tried to out-do each other with their knowledge of US states, and most of us enjoyed some top beer that wasn’t Tetley.

Identify that green football shirt

Along with a more famous one in an alley. this was the busiest pub of the evening, and a pub worth travelling from Cambridge to experience with likeminded Pub Men.

Not that we talked about beer, oh no.  I imagine we talked about Simon’s dress sense, or the Outlaw in Bewdley, or the USA chances in the World Cup.  Who knows ?

But then Dick took his beer back. And Dave’s as well.

Dick at the bar

Kirstall Three Swords (I think).  End of the barrel, it happens.  Don’t these Americans know it’s supposed to taste like that ? etc etc.

Anyway, both replaced with good grace, unlike one Kent pub that subsequently dropped out of the Beer Guide.  Know your rights.  All three of them.




21 thoughts on “TOPING IN THE TEMPLAR

  1. The Templar? Where the Hell is that? I must look it up next month. It looks ace. I must have passed the Duncan a hundred times by the way, but never deared to go in. Old man’s pub no. 1 in Leeds when I used to live there. I didn’t even know it was a Sam Smith’s!

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  2. In the second to last picture with the announcers on the TV, the three beers on the right are all the same beer with one looking a bit cloudy. That is my Three Swords. To the left is Dave’s Slightly Foxed, the other turned beer. As RM said, replaced with grace.

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  3. “Don’t answer that.”

    Pfft. Like we’re going to listen to you. 😉

    All I’ll say is that in the RATs interview he mentions going to the pub solo in order to listen to the conversations around you. I’d say you lot going in a group is basically a bunch of ‘solo’ folk listening in on conversations. 🙂

    “Mean Eyed Cat is to the right of Verve”

    What the bloody hell prompted the entire town to turn out?

    “Officially a Proper Pub”

    Love the chalkboard sign. (LOL)

    “Wot ! No Tets ?”

    It’s on keg. 🙂

    “Identify that green football shirt”

    Sorry, wot? I was busy looking at the free drink sign in the corner.

    “Anyway, both replaced with good grace,”

    Good for them. 🙂



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