I’m not saying Matt and Mrs RM are keen to get home but we’ve arrived at Malta Airport 210 minutes before our scheduled flight. Never mind, there’s free WiFi, charging points AND a Hard Rock Cafe. No Spoons though.

Coloured boats, like in the brochure

So time for a brief post, probably full of typos Russ will pick up.

Marsaxlokk (above) on the south Maltese coast is one of the few towns of less than 10,000, but apparently doubles its population when the sun shines. Which hasn’t happened yet.


Above you see a sculpture of a young Simon Everitt asking a kindly stranger for directions to a Maltese GBG pub in 2031.

Being cultured, I visited the parish church while Mrs RM used the WiFi in the Costa. The presence of a Costa says a lot about a place.

The churches are enormous

As does a red phone box.

Cliche 36

No punk, just a genuinely good piece of street art.

Far too positive for this blog

Folk come for the seafood here, particularly the fish market. So in the Duncan (no relation) I had the ham and cheese arancini, 1100 calories of Sicilian ricey cheesey splendour. The other one is spinach.

Unremarkable food, but a remarkable tips box.

Enough, already.

I’m on driving duties, so I popped in one of the 85 convenience stores to check out the craft options to enjoy with my Chinese takeaway.

Yes, we have Cisk

I tried the Farsons Lacto Milk Stout, which had a touch of Elgood’s Black Dog about it; the perfect £1 accompaniment to crispy shredded beef and Singapore rice while listening to “Any Questions”

Anybody who says I could have been doing that in a Premier Inn in Preston us banned.

11 thoughts on “50 SHADES OF LACTO MILK STOUT

  1. “No Spoons though.”

    Was the stout that thick? (heh)


    Is he the one on the left or right?

    “The churches are enormous”

    Probably overcompensating for the size of the island. 😉

    “probably full of typos Russ will pick up.”

    You’re on holiday so you get a pass. (i.e. couldn’t find any)

    As for the 50 Shades*, no comment this close to Valentine’s. 🙂


    * – good title post though (thumbs up)

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