Happy RetiredMartin Day (22/12) to all who celebrate. And even those of you who don’t.

I’ll be off out (out) shortly to a magical place I’ve never been to before. It took me AGES to find one.

Back in November Mrs RM and I were having a last night in Rye before heading home (home).

I’d been a bit sceptical when Mrs RM informed me in July she’d bought a caravan near her parents so she could spend her spare time sorting out their house (mainly as she has no spare time due to looking after me), but I’ve loved the time in Rye, which looks astonishing at nightfall.

Rye’s a small town, and most of the gentlefolk trade seems to arrive by car and coach during daylight, so you pretty much get the place to yourself as you head up the cobbles to the castle,

and then descend the steps to one of the 10 greatest pubs on the planet.

This was Mrs RM’s first visit since we set up home in Rye Harbour; I’d had a rather drunken lunchtime session during the heatwave that seemed a long way off.

Not much new to say about the Ypres. Gorgeous setting, perfectly chose cask (Kent Brewer’s Reserve, NBSS 4.5) and keg range,

proper wine (Mrs RM said “Why didn’t you buy me a pint !”),

and eclectic soundtrack.

But most of all, it’s the staff. Cheery and chatty, just as they were in Jeff Bell‘s other pubs. The great man himself said hello to us, which made our evening.

And I managed not to set anything alight on those tea-lights.

It was hard dragging ourselves away from Rye the next morning.


  1. I love the Ypres -in recent times we have started visiting on the train so we can have a proper drink,soaked up with meat,cheese & expensive pork pies -Mr Bell is always happy to chat especially when he hears our Northern accents.Last time we spent about 3 hours in there before hitting the Waterworks before the train home (a new one for us ) Sadly we have not managed to visit this year mainly due to bowling commitments ,so it will probably be Feb now.
    Happy Birthday !

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    1. Thanks, Pauline.

      The Ypres is a place I can see us having an excessively long session in next year.

      NB I should call him Mr Bell, too.

      Bowling commitments ? I thought England had that new leg spinner to take care of those.

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  2. So many cities and towns that get the ugly label “tourist spot” really deserve the visitors they receive. Places like Rye are special and people go there for good reason. And like you said, when they clear out a bit they are spectacular. Happy Birthday RM. We left a beer on where you’re headed. Hope we got the right pub.

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