Back at Rye Harbour in our last week before Mrs RM started letting it out like the little capitalist she is, I thought I’d better visit the Ypres Castle.

36 minutes walk from the caravan, our closest GBG pub, and one of the best in England.

Run by Jeff and a highly motivated team, it’s one of the best places to sample cask at its best.

My trip coincided with the late July heatwave, so the garden was heaving and the inside quiet.

I nabbed one of the last tables in the castle grounds, and sank a pint of Bone Machine in ten minutes (NBSS 3.5+). Blame the heat.

Well, I wasn’t walking straight home, and I wanted value from my tables, so I nipped back for a Burning Sky Oona, superlative and tasted like cask once it was expertly decanted into the old glass.

Perhaps I felt a little guilty about hogging a table now, so I thought I’d better put another tenner in the till.

Now, that gorgeously still cider was the very worst of ideas, and the very best.

A pork pie, obviously, is never a bad idea.

As for this seating bolted to the castle walls, I reserve judgement till Mrs RM tests it out.


  1. Pleased to see Jeff and his team are continuing to deliver at the Ypres. Keen beer prices too, for the house ale plus the Thornbridge offering, and particularly welcome in view of Rye’s status as a top tourist destination.


      1. Yes, I too prefer something less perfect! I suppose we all have our ideal pub. Mine would be the Manor Arms in Broughton-in-Furness.


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