An hour between trains in Rye, just long enough for that frantic half in the micro and a mad search for an open loo. Don’t laugh, you’ll be old once.


Always a wonderful place to amble when the coach loads from Arundel and Ashford have gone.

Didn’t even stop for sweets

Strangely quiet at 6pm, and that wasn’t because they were all at Evensong.

Paul Bailey and I climbed that church this year

Congratulations to Rye Council for having free public toilets, open after 6, right up by Ypres Castle.

Talking of which.

Oooh, isn’t that the really nice pub we got drunk in enjoyed the ambiance of last time. Have we got time?

Reader, I’m easily persuaded.

The pleasant hum of pub, drinkers and diners, and a table waiting for us by the fire.

Something crafty” she barks.

Cattle Shed, vegan, cloudy. Should do.

Must try the Rothaus one day, but the Old Dairy again met Jeff Bell’s exacting standards. 3 visits now, all the beer 3.5 and better.

But it’s the staff that make it.

Only just made the train to Hastings. It would have been a disaster to miss out Hastings.

Yes, these posts are being compiled on Crewe Station on a mobile. And it shows.

5 thoughts on “BACK TO THE CASTLE

  1. I remember making use of those toilets by the Ypres Tower, during our visit to Rye back in February.
    Pleased to see you managed to squeeze in a visit to Jeff Bell’s excellent pub as well.

    Liked by 1 person

      1. Strangely, every time I’ve been in there the seats by the fire have always been available. Maybe it’s because they’re drinkers seats in a pub dominated by diners.

        Liked by 1 person

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