Thank you for your good wishes for Retired Martin Day (22/12), the most magical day of the year. My Mum called me to say Happy Birthday this morning; I didn’t ask if the actual birth was that magical at the time.

Anyway, to put you all out of your misery guessing where I went, here’s a quick report from Youlgrave (NOT Orgreave as Mrs RM overheard).

22nd December 2022 (so far).

At least I didn’t kill you” said Mrs RM as we pulled into the Bakewell short stay with an hour till opening.

While technically correct, it did make up my mind to take over as DES and let Mrs RM do the day’s drinking.

But let’s start with breakfast in the (Ye Olde) Original Bakewell Pudding Shop.

A proper breakfast, but rather meagre for £7.50 I thought, so I bought myself one to eat at home (NBPSS 4).

Mrs RM then took on ticking duties in the Manners, Bakewell’s Robinson’s pub.

A quick taste of the Unicorn (NBSS 3.5) was probably insufficient for a formal tick, but I get a cheat card on my birthday (22/12).

And so the George, in Youlgreave/Youlgrave. Spell it with an “e” and get thrown out the village.

The George debuts in the Guide under Landlord Steve and you have to ask what took it so long ?

A multi-roomed gem, the sort that sells eggs and has a solid menu with partridge as the special, and beers you’ve heard of.

But who’s this ?

It’s only Mr Bass himself, Ian Thurman aka the Wickingman. What a winning smile that is.

Perhaps he knew we wouldn’t be drinking him out of the Bass because it wasn’t going on till the next day.

Mrs RM had a pint of the Welbeck, I had a half of the best Theakston Bitter in years, a rich and full NBSS 4.

And Steve’s son (I think) cooked us both a “luxury” fish pie. It was gorgeous trencherman fare.

What more could I want ? Well, an hour and a half chatting to one of the nicest and most interesting of men, and a chance to finally see what Youlgrave has to offer.

Ian pointed down the hill to the river, and bade us farewell.

It started to rain. We waited till Ian was out of view, and set off home.


  1. Belated happy birthday, Martin. You played a bit of a blinder, with that post from Bakewell, on Christine’s Facebook page. It certainly had me fooled for a while. I’ve drank a few pints of Robbie’s in the Manners, at Bakewell, whilst holidaying in the Peak District.

    The George at Youlgrave looks a smashing pub, despite not having any Bass on for you. Good to see Mr Thurman as well – he takes a nice photo.


    1. It took me a bit of research to confirm I’d never been to Youlgr(e)ave for any reason before, so it became an essential visit with a new GBg entry to tick. Obviously been to Bakewell many times.

      Neither of us feeling 100% so we abandoned ideas of longer trips.

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