You may remember (you won’t) me mentioning the pubbing opportunities in Balderton, just south of Newark.

and you may recall I mentioned a flippin’ micropub in the new village just across the A1 that we could have pre-emptively ticked that day if I’d bothered consulting What Pub.

Well, Fernwood’s Brews Brothers was closed the first time we passed, but wasn’t escaping our clutches as we returned up the A1.

20th November 2022.

Fernwood appears to be a new village constructed under our noses over the last decade, the Little Cambourne of the North. Perhaps Newark has built it to provide Simon with alternate toilet facilities, who knows.

Whatever, with cafe style fittings, high tables, real plants,

and better than cafe style hours (see also : Maggie Mays), I suspect it’s of more interest to the good folk of Fernwood and the odd ticker (and, believe me, they are odd) than the tourist.

It’s Sunday evening, Will Young warbles “Leave Right Now” and a big group of friends (2 Carling, 2 Carling and black) are there with a mum and toddler and us.

Most of the beer is “Coming Soon”, a beer I’ve never got on with, so I have the 3 Blind Mice from Little Downham near Ely.

Ooh, is that cake ?” says Mrs RM, who never misses a trick.

Not just cake. Kinder cookie cake, an absolute marvel that mysteriously disappeared from my plate before I could photograph it, but the small piece I had (only 879 calories worth) was historic. The find of 2022.

My beer wasn’t nicked, mind, and that was cool, crispy and cloudy (NBSS 3.5+).

Superb if deeply unhealthy. Sounds OK with me.


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