18th November 2022.

Another GBG23 tick, a Kentish single calmly collected like Chris Tavaré compiling a patient 18* while all around him go mad with the marker pen/bat.

Back to Dymchurch, which had let me down the week before (not their fault).

But before Hidden Treasure, we sneaked a visit to Alpaca Annies, where Mrs RM added to her bizarre collection of “putting your face through a hole” pics from the year (see also : John O’ Groats).

I bought some alpaca wool socks for my Dad but passed on “Walk With Alpacas” for now.

Instead, we admired the wide skies (can’t believe I’m writing this) over St Mary’s Bay,

and noted the fate awaiting anyone who asked for tasters.

No ideas why this photo of Hidden Treasure is SO poor;

but inside was bright and airy, with a woman’s touch. Am I allowed to say that ?

Not sure who this table is aimed at, though.

A really welcoming place,

with an enlightened attitude. How often do you see Doom Bar (from the barrel !) in a micro pub ?

The Doom Bar was being changed, and in the meantime Mrs RM delightedly noted the chap bring the pint of Canterbury IPA and plonk it in front of me.

Oi ! That’s my pint !! Women drink pints too !!!” etc etc .He was mortified, and it’s a good job that saw in the pic above wasn’t in front of Mrs RM at the time.

The beer was superb; cool and rich (NBSS 3.5+). The Simply Red soundtrack (almost) forgivable.

Out the back, you get a marvellous view of the historic Martello tower,

and this scale model of an 18th century micro pub.

The cannon is only fired when a GBG ticker approaches.


  1. You must do an alpaca walk -we did one in Northumberland -best thing ever ! Make sure your Dad is careful washing his socks -we had some once & by the time they had been washed a couple of times ,they would have fitted a small child

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      1. Barnacre Alpacas -Heddon on the Wall not far from Newcastle -we had a week on the alpaca farm -I was in heaven -could see alpacas when i was in bed. They have a great twitter feed -alpacas by the dozen ,every day ! Yes they do walk slowly & stop to feed/be inquisitive all the time

        Liked by 1 person

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