Fuchschen. RM finds his fox.

1st November 2022.

Blimey, this was a long day. We’d shown Joan and Dave the architectural and pubby highlights of Dusseldorf, and now the only thing left was to find my fox.

I found it just beyond this amazing juxtaposition of old and new around the Basilika St. Lambertus.

Once again, Dave provides the best shot of Fuchschen. He’s a pro.

I didn’t take many notes, or photos, of my first Dusseldorf trip (“Dussedawdle” ?), and the location of the famous fox had tormented me ever since. Should have just asked Beer Twitter, they know EVERYTHING.

Here he/she was, looing for brewing faults in the barrel of Alt.

We only stopped for a couple of glasses, so took the last high table to the right and took embarrassing photos of each other.

Ron’s definitive European Beer Guide rates Fuchschen very highly, and so did we.

“The atmosphere is very relaxed and open, with chance neighbours at a table soon striking up conversations. The customers are a great mixture of young and old from all social levels.”

I forgot to take a photo of the cashier’s office, so here’s one from that 2015 trip with James.

A wonderful, underrated city with a gorgeous green lung.

And hotel rooms a third cheaper than in Cologne. Go now. Don’t ask for water.

4 thoughts on “Fuchschen. RM finds his fox.

  1. In hindsight I would definitely stay in Dusseldorf rather than Cologne. I wasn’t sure prior to visiting but now it is a no brainer. A very surprising and underrated city in my opinion.


  2. Have struggled to find that pub myself, not sure why really given that it’s not that far from the centre of the Altstadt. I once wandered behind that church and along the canal, and inadvertently asked a couple of fellow British tourists the way in my best schoolboy German, before a kindly old gentleman politely corrected my pronunciation of it and pointed out where it was.

    I think I might have chosen this as the blog title.

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