Friday 9th September 2022. Anyone following the blog will have noticed that this is the day it went completely to pot. From a measured count-down that had started with the final 22 ticks,

to utter chaos in the Orkneys.

I DID manage to produce a little post about the Spoons in Wick, written in 10 minutes while Mrs RM “freshened up” in our Kirkwall hotel, so here’s the tourist pitch.

We woke at 06:00 in Kingussie, and arrive in Wick as the Spoons opened,

the highlight the bridge across the Cromarty Firth.

Two things struck me; how wonderful Scotland is, and how I’d never been to Dingwall (and perhaps I never will).

The North Coast 500 has boosted tourism in the Highlands, and campervan sales,

but Wick seemed slow to benefit so far. It’s a stately town,

with a strong flowing river that reminds you that Spoons has excellent toilet facilities.

It’s just gone 9am, but the streets are deserted,

but surely the Alexander Bain, closingas a Spoons in 3 days time, will bepacked ?

Nope. Half a dozen in,

including the bloke ordering the (decent) English beer rather than the cheaper 80/ ? (why do I do this to myself ?).

Mrs RM was making a work call, so I had 20 minutes to capture the non-pubby highlights of Wick,

which seem to centre on it having the shortest street in the UK.

I spent AGES looking for Ebenezer Place, before it dawned on me it was actually the corner of Mackays* Hotel. That’s no street !

Anyway, potential disaster averted. Imagine If I’d left the Aleander Bain till a week’s time and found it closed.

Who can guess where we’re going next ?

These questions get easier by the day.

*It’s always the Mackays, isn’t it ?

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