NO. I still haven’t got the new Good Beer Guide. And NO, I therefore don’t know whether I’ll attempt to repeat the feat in 2022-23.

Back to mid-August, or as the Scots call it, “Winter”. After a few days “off” in Sheffield, it was back to work completing the Good Beer Guide.

Yes, just Somerset and Wiltshire to go to be the King of England.

Mrs RM shouted “Where did you hide the chocolate ?” and I hit the highway (M1/M42/M5) for a night in the Levels.

One quick stop at the Cheddar Ales Brewery Tap. I’m no fan of brewery taps, and this one had the challenging opening times of 14:00 to 16:00, which is what we call “a small window of opportunity“.

They get a decent amount of tourist trade in the afternoon, said the Guvnor, who then poured an astonishingly crisp pint (NBSS 4), the second gorgeous Potholer in a month.

The Crown in Catcott didn’t have quite as good beer, but it did let me park up overnight for free and was as an example of a cheery village allrounder as, ooh, the Hind in July.

The Crown on the very edge of a large village opened at 16:00, the Golden Hour, and was busy with blokes in their 50s within 10 minutes, Hi-Vis and holidays.

Hot Summer Night (Took the words out of my mouth)” gave way to “Lust for Life” and the pool table and ping pong tables filled up, a few Old Boys staying inside to shout at the TV during the 4:15 from Nottingham.

All it needed was a cool pint of Otter.

And it wasn’t bad in the heat, perhaps a 3.

I’ll give a NTLSS 4.5 for the toilet locking system (top). As Kirsty reflects today, being able to lock one’s lavatory door is something to be highly valued.

The dogs growled, “Roxanne” gave way to “American Girl” and then Boston. Mudgie would have loved it.

I had a second pint in 20 minutes, a Tribute that was a tad cooler but with a touch of honey I couldn’t warm to.

What now, though ? I wasn’t going anywhere; there was nowhere to go.

So I walked the bounds of Catcott, hoping for street art.

It’s slow tourism, that’s for sure.

Back at the Crown, food orders were taken at 18:00 sharp. It’s polite to eat in a pub where you get a free overnight stay.

As you’ll know, I never lie. The coke was the worst I’ve ever had;

but the burger was the best. Well, since Godney just up the road.

Even better, I fell asleep before I could contemplate booking in for Calm Gentle Yoga the next day.

I win.


    1. Have always thought one of significant advances of humanity was moving from “wonder what’s name of those next door” to an alphabetical structure. Appears CAMRA’s decided the 4,000 year existence of alphabets as an easily comprehensible and simple way of categorisation. and finding information. needs reinventing.

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