Right, I’ve milked Saturday’s triumph at the World GBG Ticking Championships for all its worth, the completed Guide lies in repose in our living room for inspection for 10 days, and it’s time to try and catch up with the blog.

I left you in bell-ringing Wiltshire in early July, and return to the task of finishing the West Country just west of Yeovil in Somerset.

South Somerset is a delight; packed with unpronounceable names, like Strip Cruchets and Tintinhull, and homes to a vast array of National Trust houses and a mass of GBG entries to compensate for Yeovil’s poor showing of late.

West Chinnock has what looks like a Guide perennial, but it wasn’t in the book when I last finished the county in 2019 so who knows ?

The Muddled Man had the courtesy to be open all day on Sunday, but the locals clearly had the discourtesy not to visit the pub, or at least to sod off after the roasts had been eaten at 3pm. Sadly this has been a pattern in many pubs this summer; deserted after Sunday lunch. “No-one’s got any money” I was told by more than one landlord.

A shame, as what a joy the Muddled Man is;

A warm welcome, a higgledy-piggledy joy of a pub, wonderful drop of Potholer (NBSS 4)

and a misleading promise of keg Bass that was no longer available. I was assured it’s brewed in South Wales, can that be true ?

I was obviously outed as The CAMRA member by ordering cask, as the landlord entertained me with stories about badgers I can’t repeat. Or was it Badger Best. I can’t remember, it’s two months ago.


    1. It’ll take me till November to recount the fretful months of July and August, by which time I’ll be carelessly enjoying the pubs of Hastings, Cambridge and Sheffield (wherever that is). Not sure how I’ll cope without the stress of GBG completion, mind…


  1. “I was assured it’s brewed in South Wales, can that be true ?”

    Last I heard was that A-B InBev had moved Bass brewing out of Burton-on-Trent into the massive Samlesbury plant, Lancashire. However, that was several years ago now.

    Given the way the industrial breweries move production from plant to plant as and when, possible some could now contract brewed in Brains new Dragon brewery?? Only opened 2019 it (compounded by subsequent events) almost instantly became a huge white elephant dragging Brains towards oblivion and desperately trying to fill its 20 million+ pint capacity by brewing all sorts of stuff under contract.

    Am assuming it is still operating in some sort of capacity despite the shambolic mess Brains and Marston’s (Carlsberg Group) have (mis)managed to make of the brewery/pub/subsidiary businesses.

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