No new GBG yet, as CAMRA continue to focus on the absence of the table dance and proper chips for GBBF volunteers.

There’s a young lad in York crying right now, you know.

But I reckon I’m done for GBG19, and you can see the counties I finished in this edition in that top pic.

Great pinking down south to finish Somerset, where there was some good quality beer in unexpected places. Like Stone Allerton.

The Wheatsheaf is buried among a warren of tiny lanes in the Somerset levels.This is the actual view from the pub garden.

And this is the view pretty much all the way from lovely Stone Allerton village to the Wheatsheaf, a mile away.

These really are the villages time forgot. But no doubt they’ll burst into life if BRAPA ignores this ancient instruction not to wee in the river.

The Wheatsheaf has paltry opening hours (including a punishing 12-2 on a Sunday) but is at least thriving with cookery courses and a smokehouse.The lunch menu makes Brunnning & Pricey look like Spoons.

Straight from the smokehouse

Still, there’s flagstones and fireplaces,

and flat NBSS 3.5 Otter from the barrel (and local key keg we’ll gloss over) ,

Brizzle keg

Cat Stevens singing “Morning has Broken”,

and good reading.I guess a destination pub of the “New Somerset” style, buried in the heart of old Somerset. See also the Sheppy in Godney.

Fans of a head on the beer will be appalled.They can give the (unbranded) hand lotion a go if they want.

13 thoughts on “SOMERSET HAS FALLEN

  1. My mind reels a bit when I see how much of that map is colored pink. I dare say only Duncan fully understands what it takes– in effort and miles traveled– to get to such a level (though Simon has a pretty good idea of it at this point, surely!).


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