Only one long, long, week in The North to catch up on now. Hurrah!

Sadly, even in Bradford there’s no escape from Ed Sheeran and his legion of fans (“Eddies”)

Matt had a hardcore gig at Leeds Temple of Boom (capacity c. 200) on the Friday, but unfortunately Ed’s intimate gig in a field the same night meant all beds in the city were taken, just like in the Christmas story.

So, just like in the Christmas story, I booked a £40 twin room at the New Beehive and prayed Matt would catch the last train from Leeds.

First things first, the longstanding owner was a chatty gem, and the rooms are simple but clean. I never quite found out how he ended up in Bradford from Chinnor.

You may know the New Beehive, a venerable old gaslit pub that’s lost its way beer wise recently but is still an essential visit.

And not just because it’s bang next door to the Sheesh Mahal.

I had an evening of worrying whether Matt would be OK in a city full of rabid Sheeran fans queueing for a bus. Too long on my own, really.

I thought I’d give the Beehive another chance.

Morning pic

Half a dozen in the public, a cheery barman, Janice Joplin singing Ed Sheeran covers and robust handpumps.

Titanic Steerage too, and vigorously pulled through. Not bad at all, and superb lacings.

Quite a few B & B guests had travelled from Scandinavia where Ed’s music makes more sense, and I wondered what they’d make of a Proper Pub that didn’t serve Mikkeller in test tubes.

I never found out.

The barman lit the gaslamps, the banter was distinctly local, it felt like a winner again.

I should have called it at one, in retrospect, and gone straight for the dhansak.

But I never learn.


  1. Fantastic little boozer, stopped there to go and watch Walsall at Accrington Stanley (who are they?) friendly, knowledgeable staff and possibly the hottest Full English I’ve ever been served.

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  2. You’re always in top form, but you were in the toppest of form when you wrote this one. The bit that really got me laughing was “from Scandinavia where Ed’s music makes more sense.”

    Your reference to the beer being ‘vigorously pulled through’ got me wondering about the degree to which different bar staff can pull beers through in different ways. Is it possible for an inexperienced bar person to pull the beer through poorly, i.e. to take an otherwise good beer and cause it to taste worse than it should?


    1. I think I knew what I meant about Ed and Scandinavia, but now I doubt myself, Mark 🤔

      I guess I’d me more impressed with someone who pulled a pint through than just a dribble, but what do I know? Just looks like they care, that’s all 😉

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  3. I would hazard a guess that the Autovac would be the reason for the vigour with which the beer was pulled through – and it will have ended up in your glass anyway!


    1. I didn’t notice Autovacs when I stayed in that “venerable old gaslit pub …. still an essential visit” last year” and I doubt if it has the throughput for them. .

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  4. ‘I thought I’d give the Beehive another chance.’

    Probably your last chance – the owner has been in the last few Bradford CAMRA mags trying to sell the place. The last missive sounding quite sad and pretty final unless someone buys the place. He has another Beehive in Shipley, the former Shipley Pride, not been since it reopened yet.

    It would be great if Kirkstall (or heaven forbid, Saltaire) would do another Cardigan Arms on the place but I just don’t think it has the custom.


    1. Yes, he said to me “Do you want to buy it?” only half joking.

      Only opens evenings these days and there’s a lot more budget hotel options in Bradford these days, though the Beehive is good value.


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