Later today Joan and Dave commence another journey to our calm and confident nation, and I take this opportunity to remind them there’s more to the UK than pubs and cricket.


There’s also our famous street art,


and our fantastic weather,

Probably Minehead out there

and of course our unfortunate collapsing lettering.

Super chips make super hips

All of this was on display in Burnham-on-Sea, definitely not to be confused with Burnham Overy Staithe or Burnham on Crouch, where I stopped for a Spoons flat white before completing Somerset on Day 3 of the “Clear a county challenge


Burnham is no tourist honeypot, its seasonal custom no doubt decimated by the arrival of competing attractions in neighbouring Bridgwater*, but there’s a handsome beach and stunted pier.

Not Southport

And bargain booze and shoes, always a bg draw. I actually bought a pair of Clark’s from the outlet shop here on my only previous visit.

Appealing, isn’t it ?

There’s a few nightclubs along the Prom, one of them unexpectedly run by long-forgotten Manchester City captain Vinnie “Vinnie” Kompany.

Not a Cloudwater outlet

More than any other Spoons, the Reeds Arms is a clutter of dining tables, and it takes most of my allotted 7 minutes to bang my way through to the bar for a coffee cup.

Nice to see local beers on the bar.

Nearly cheaper than the coffee

I grab the only available table, outside, and admire the view to Minehead.

Not their best maintained outlet

Before I head for my last Somerset pick, I pause to admire the pocket park, with this evocative statue which I will leave you to caption.


*Sports Direct


  1. Does it seem strange that some of us love your weather? Changeable, typically not too hot, beautiful skies, and pretty mild in the winter. Just got back from Las Vegas. 110 degrees Fahrenheit. Brutal. I know this summer was excessively hot in England, but normally I love it.


      1. When I visited England in the summer of 93, I had to go buy a sweater, as I had foolishly failed to pack one; needless to say it was required not just in the early mornings or at night, but at the very peak of the afternoon. πŸ™‚


  2. I was in Burnham on Sea on Saturday – don’t tell me our paths almost crossed again?! I passed through the Reeds Arms but was too intent on walking the claggy clay beach and admiring the estuary mud brown sea to stop for a drink. Surely the Berrow and Brean Recreation Club is a future GBG tick?


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