Possibly undeserving of its own post, but unquestionably as attractive as any pub gracing a tin of Devon biscuits over the last 30 years, I finally made it into the Royal Oak, Winsford.

No time for church visits this time
Picture postcard
Cars airbrushed out on the biscuit tin

Readers of this blog, as opposed to the sensible folk who just look at the pictures, will remember the Regal Tree Royal Oak as the place which let me down badly on opening hours in 2016, failing to tell me it was closing early when I asked when I might get a beer.


Not only was I the only customer under 70, I was possible the only one without a dukedom, and certainly the only drinker.

This appeared to be my best seating option.


Ideally I’d describe the waist-coated septuagenarians tucking into pheasant and beef Wellington, but actually the menu is pleasingly pubby, if not cheap.

oooh, Cotleigh

My notes say “Anything else, Sir“, “Little Red Riding Hood” and “Find the garden and tip it on the posh flowers“.

Great floral options for the Tipp(l)er

But then something strange happened.  Exposed to the fresh air, my Cotleigh dramatically improved, acquiring the richness and bite of a NBSS 3.5 beer.

Respite for the floral displays, a minor triumph for Winsford, but I will never be back.

Bye bye


  1. I will probably never go back to the Turtle Rock Bar & Grill either but last night it proved to be the standout bar of our trip – a cracker.
    It’s a 45 minute drive from Napa into the hills above a giant man-made reservoir and is the only bar/cafe/general store/meeting place for as far as the eye can see.
    The clientele are the type of folk quite happy living miles from anywhere. Self-sufficient, independent, non-bullshitters.
    And during the day lots of tourists who visit the reservoir every summer to boat,swim and drown in large numbers.
    The first thing you notice on entering is a forest of one dollar bills marked with names,pinned by one end to the ceiling and fluttering like a field of wheat.
    Every so often they take them all down,send them off the the Federal Reserve and get a cheque back for charity.
    Last time the cheque was for $17,500.
    The bar is also famous for its most popular bar snack.An enormous homemade Chinese egg roll filled with turkey or pork,cabbage,celery and sauce.
    Three bucks a piece and on a good day they sell 500. The ancient till doesn’t give receipts …
    Pete,the part-Chinese owner is a gent and will happily teach you dice games that ensure you end up buying him lots of beer.
    By 8pm we had the bar to ourselves for a session.
    Fortunately our designated driver got us home. At a reasonablish hour.
    But we did it.
    After two weeks the Prof had sniffed out an old-school charmer.

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