Yes, I’m really that far behind, and have no idea whether City will escape relegation this season.

The whole day of the Leicester game was one of the most nervous I’ve ever been, 13.5.12 included, which I know will sound daft to football philistines.

The prospect of jubilant Scousers if we mucked it up was terrifying, and I skipped the usual pre-match nerve settlers on a stunning Manchester night.

Hard to resist the 3 in a row

Possibly the earliest I’ve been at a match, and I still fail to bring you a report on the Lager offer on Colin Bell Level 3.


The bloke next to me said it.

“Don’t shoot Vinnie” (Google it)

Stuff your European cups, this was as good as it gets.

So good I gave the Port St Beer House another chance, high prices and familiarity forgotten (see report from Chris Dyson).

It looked lovely. Perhaps the Piccadilly Spoons would have looked lovely that night.


Nice pumps
A few you might have heard of

A night like that calls for a Squawk of delight, of course, and Squawk Pavo was a joy.

Reading a tearful RAWK, the Liverpool supporters blog, was even more fun.


10 thoughts on ““DON’T SHOOT VINNIE !”

  1. Mrs PP-T is heading off to the ” Holy Land ” with her mother and sister tomorrow on a good ol’ Catholic pilgrimage.
    ” Will you be okay without me ” she asked as I unloaded two cases of Dada Chocolate Wine NO 8 from the boot of the car.
    ” What will you be getting up to ” she enquired later as I sized up next week’s TV viewing schedule of EUFA and European Cup Finals as well as the start of the cricket world cup.
    ” Will I make you a couple of healthy meals for the freezer ” she suggested,as I downloaded the Just Eat app for the first time.
    ” No,don’t worry ” I replied,magnanimously, ” you head off and enjoy yourself and don’t worry about me ”
    I waited until she left the room before jumping up,punching the air and running around with my shirt over my head.
    Even the dog joined in.
    He’s a big fan of fast food too and knows when there’s only one rucksack packed and it’s a pink one it’s paaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaarty time !
    Woohoo !
    I’ll miss the aul’ doll of course.

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    1. Yes, ”Will you be okay without me” is what Mrs TSM asks me if she’s off for a couple of days.
      Like you I always get by somehow.


  2. My last visit to Manchester, early 1980’s, was to Hydes’ flagship “The Jolly Angler”.

    Is that still in existence ?


  3. “and I still fail to bring you a report on the Lager offer on Colin Bell Level 3.”

    Would that be similar to the reporting from stadiums over here? Buying a ‘large’ beer gives you the same amount as a ‘small’ beer (you just get to pay extra for the privilege):

    “Stuff your European cups,”

    I believe the small breasted women in Italy do that. πŸ˜‰

    “Reading a tearful RAWK, the Liverpool supporters blog, was even more fun.”

    I’m guessing the score was to your liking? πŸ™‚



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